Temple Weddings

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Cheryl Evans/The Arizona Republic

You Should Read This...

Temple Wedding Off Limits to Non-Mormon Family

This perfectly illustrates the pain that families go through when it comes to temple weddings. The belief that a loving God would ask true believers to do this to their families? I won't ever understand it... and I had a problem with it even in my most believing of days.

I hope this petition grows. I'm gonna sign it.


  1. Annie Rose Says:

    great post. This is one of my worst fears with my children.

  1. Insanad Says:

    Luckily I've only had to be through this twice but my third and last child is coming of age and I know it's on the horizon. I keep telling myself it will get less painful. It's a big lie. It doesn't get easier and the pain and anger don't really go completely away. We cover it up with stuff. Life, time, busy-ness, the reception, work, distractions, but in those moments when you look back, you realize that you were cut out of a simple pure right as a parent by people who have little to do with your child and the life you gave them. These strangers extort your silence and leave you with nothing but sadness and imposed shame.

  1. Insana D Says:

    Andee, I have some things thoughts on this topic since I have been excluded from both my kids weddings and will most likely be excluded from my third and last child's wedding. I keep hoping the pain will go away but it seems to fester and feed my resolve to expose the LDS church for what it does to families. I appreciate you keeping this forefront for all of us. Perhaps someday things will change and other parents won't have to be treated this way.

  1. The Original Anonymous Says:

    The more I learn, the more I want to get out of this state and hope that my future children never get sucked in by this.

    I feel so sorry for her and others. It's time that the Country Club attitude of the LDS come to an end.