Up off your knees!

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One of my favorite YouTube Subscriptions, ProfMTH, posted this video today about Haiti and the millions of people all over the world praying in support:

I couldn't have said it better if I tried.

People are the ones helping others in Haiti, I have seen no acts of this supposed God that exists, no spiritual awakening in hearts and souls of others, no sign of Satan confirming his pact with the Haitians years and years ago (Pat Robertsons evil comment).

If you want to help someone, prayer is just a waste of time.

Get off your knees!!

Prayer is as good as wishing it were so.

Wishing on a star doesn't work. Crossing your fingers doesn't work. Avoiding cracks on the sidewalk won't save your mother from back problems later in life. Superstition has too much power in our society, in our world, and we need to wake up and start acting instead of praying.


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Selah Sue

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Perez Hilton just shared this video of Selah Sue singing at the Haiti Benefit Show. I stopped in my tracks and my jaw dropped to the floor.


Watch this!!


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We all know that if we were not raised in whatever religion we happen to have been born into, we probably wouldn't believe in things like Jesus, large arks containing two of every animal, talking bushes, and the rapture.

I would have never believed... EVER... that a man named Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I wouldn't have been duped into feeling guilty that I didn't want to marry at 19 and have tons of babies with a return missionary, I wouldn't have gone through one of the hardest times I have ever had in my life. Realizing that Mormonism, and then God, were not really true.

After coming to the realization, I had to mourn my deceased loved ones all over again. Of course I was sad when they passed away, but in my heart I felt I would see them again, and that made me feel better. Now, understanding and taking into account all of the information at my fingertips, I have to realize that there might not be anything after we die, and that they really might be gone. Forever. It's not a good feeling, as a matter of fact, the first time I thought about this I cried for hours.

I was brainwashed into thinking these things. I didn't CHOOSE to believe in them, they were taught to me. By my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, schoolteachers, and almost everyone I came into contact with in my hometown in Utah. Of course I believed them, why would they lie to me?

They didn't know they were lying to me.

Thats the thing.

They believed because they were taught to believe... just like I was.

I thought I would share some videos that really depict how kids are brainwashed into believing religious dogma. They are worth watching, and they really make you think... they might make you angry as well. :\

This kid reminds me of Lurch from the Adam's family:

Sounds like Lurch, too... doesn't he?

What is crazier than getting a group of teenagers together and having them make a video expressing the thought that everyone was going to die in the near distant future? Seriously... what the fuck?? Christians don't even think twice about this because they are so convinced the end of days in near, that we will all face judgment before a God, and that it is their duty to convince everyone else to subscribe to the same beliefs.

How would they feel if a Voodoo Priestess made a similar video, expressing the idea that all kids were going to die in the near distant future and she was the only one who could cast a spell and help them live for eternity? Is that really any different? Both sides are convinced they are correct, and both sides are mistaken IMO.

In this next video we see another approach to getting your kids to believe dogma:

Oh, that will teach him to be an atheist! Take away Christmas! No presents for the kid unless he agrees that Jesus Christ is his savior!

Again, WTF is this woman thinking? Is she taking into account that her Christian beliefs are not in harmony with her behavior to her son? Did she just walk up to him, threaten him, tell him to give her a "fucking break Michael," and get in his face like that?

Hypocrite much?

This lady is a well-known wack-job who was the main focus of the documentary "Jesus Camp."

She had these kids crying, singing, speaking in tongues, convulsing on the floor, and promising to devote themselves to the "War" against the devil.

One of her comments in this video gives me the chills...

"I believe this so much, that I have given my whole life to see to it that you get there."

She is a gifted speaker. She has the kids right in the palm of her hand. Making the kids feel like they are really important to her, to God, to the supposed war that is taking place. Telling them Harry Potter is evil, challenging them that they are one person at church and another at home or with their friends, telling them that they do things they shouldn't do (HOW WOULD SHE KNOW???) talk dirty (HUH?) and the kids look at her with awe and tears in their eyes.

She has CONVINCED these kids that they are bad, sinners, that they don't deserve the things they have, that they are selfish in their lives. Why is this so important to religious groups? Guilty people want to feel better.

What does this do to a kids self-esteem, though?

Personally, I would constantly question myself and my actions as a child. Would God be okay with what I was doing? Was I trying hard enough? Was I good enough?

I had nothing to feel guilty about. I was a good kid. I was on the honor roll, I had friends that I loved dearly, I didn't lie, cheat, or steal... yet I was made to feel like I was scum, and the only thing that could make me better was Jesus, God, Joe Smith, the Mormon Prophet and of course the religious dogma that caused the guilt in the first place.

This goes on and on in a person's life. I was 28 years old when I stopped believing in Mormonism. I was a grown woman with a full time job, I volunteered, I was kind to EVERYONE, yet I felt I wasn't good enough. I wasn't good enough because I wasn't following God's plan for me. Marriage, children, temple, church attendance, tithing, and guilt.

This is so unfair.

Looking back at the people who shaped my religious experiences, I find myself wondering where they are now. I know my Mom is out of the church, and that she is happy. I know my brothers are okay and not really subscribing to any particular belief system, my cousins are somewhat believers but not active, and the rest of my relatives are pretty much the same as they were when I was a kid. Mostly on my Dad's side of the family. Very, very, very Mormon.

This is an example of Mormon videos meant to teach members of the church how to introduce their children to the doctrine and help them develop their own testimonies:

This is a perfect example of how over-produced and fake religious videos can be. The lack of sincerity, lets face it... not everyone is an actor... The cheesy music, the young boy sitting in the back of the car sad because he wasn't sure if he had a testimony, the father getting a serious look on his face as he comes to terms with the fact that his son is questioning the church and his lack of a testimony, the mother sitting there... silent... letting the penishood holder do all the talking. She is, after all, just a woman.

Then things get serious. Mom looks at Dad again, gives him an encouraging, adoring smile, and keeps her mouth shut. Dad shuts off the radio, because this is serious... we are talking about Mormon testimonies here...

Then Dad starts reminding his son about the warm fuzzies. How they are proof that God listens to our prayers. They aren't just "feelings." They are special feelings. Put there by the Holy Ghost! Then, 2:14 into the video, the actress playing the mother finally gets a line!

Mom: Remember the other day when we were reading the Book of Mormon and you wanted to keep reading? Why didn't you want to stop? Son: I got this tingly feeling inside... that's the Holy Ghost? Dad: That's right son! That's how a testimony FEELS.
Um... sorry. Don't buy it. Nope. No little kid is going to sit down with his parents, read the Book of Mormon and enjoy it to the point that they don't want to stop. They would jump off the couch, run to the door and say, "Gonna go to Jack's house! Toodles!"

This video was made to tear at the emotions of Mormon parents. Making them connect with this man's parents who are probably long dead. That is another way the church tries to keep people in the fold. Reminding them of the sacrifices their ancestors made when they came across the plains to Utah for the church, the fact that they suffered for their faith, how many of them died and how hard it was. This was used on me countless times by MANY people. My ancestors came from Sweden, by boat, only to discover the saints had left for Utah. They were tired, hungry, and they had very little... but they made the decision to keep going and join the Saints in Utah.

I was told that if I left the church, I would be pretty much slapping them in the face and telling them that their sacrifices meant nothing to me. That I was telling them I didn't want to be with them for eternity.

Now look at this man's parents, how they helped him when he was a child realize that he had a testimony, and had they not helped him, where would he be?

Of course, any faithful Mormon thinks that nothing good happens to people who leave the church. Where would he be? Probably addicted to meth, in prison for rape and murder, and *gasp* drinking coffee on a regular basis.

Brainwashing puts irrational fears in your mind, consequences you will face if you don't do what the group wants you to do. It's actually quite scary how often they do this... and how MANY of them do it.

This next video is something I have shared before, but she says what I think so well that I want to share it again. She really takes the words out of my mouth:

I always had a problem with what she was describing, and I, too, never got up to share my testimony with the congregation on fast Sunday.

The paragraph repeated over and over to these young kids, and then they are encouraged to repeat it to everyone else, is a form of brainwashing. Let's also remember that everyone also fasts on this day, making the brain a little more easy to be manipulated. A child sits there, with their family, listens to the people they know and trust promise the church is true with tears in their eyes, and they believe them. Why shouldn't they? These are the people that love and take care of them.

It's sick. It's wrong. I hope it stops one day. I really do!


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The Truth

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I had a dream last night that I was walking around temple square in Salt Lake City with my Dad (who passed away from cancer in 1998). Dad wasn't religious at all, and that is what made the whole dream even weirder... I guess it was just one of those things. I have always had dreams with my loved ones who have passed away.

A couple years ago, if I had this same dream, I would be jumping up and down because my Dad came to visit me in a dream. I used to think that they were really reaching out to me and trying to communicate with me or give me a message. Now? Not so much.

Church dreams usually piss me off. Probably because I never remember the whole dream and I start obsessing about what happened. This leads to more thinking about the church, it's doctrines and how much it really fucked with my head.

Sometimes I feel like I have been able to put the church thing behind me, other times I get just as angry as I did when I found out the truth for the first time. Is it something I can get over? Maybe. I think it would be easier if my family members didn't assume the worst of me all the time, dropping not-so-subtle hints about going to church or saying a prayer, giving me the evil eye every time they see a coffee mug in my hand... you get the idea.

When I started learning the truth, I was really mad. I was mad that I was lied to. I wanted to drive to Salt Lake City and demand answers from the men in white shirts. I wanted to scream from the balcony of a hotel...

"They are lying!!! Lying!!"

Of course that would have been counterproductive and I would have ended up in jail :) So, I started WindySydney instead, starting out as an anonymous person questioning Mormonism in the heart of LDS Country. I am glad I did. It's great therapy.

The truth.

The church taught me to tell the truth since the time I was a sunbeam. Tell the truth, kiddos! God is always watching you. The Deity won't hesitate to put down marks on your permanent record! Lies only get bigger and bigger until they explode and ruin your life!

Why can't they take their own advice?

Why is it that they are not completely truthful to the members of their church? To the people who are considering getting baptized?

Oh, I know... there are many Mormons who will claim they know everything about church history and they still "know" the church is true. They claim that the lack of information or lack of complete information isn't important at all, and that we shouldn't worry about it. Seth, the Mormon commenter I finally started ignoring due to his arrogance and condescending attitude, would always make these points.

If it's not important, then why bother hiding it? Why go out of your way to tell the people in the church that they can't trust information from anyone else? Why edit the Book of Mormon and change things? Why don't they discuss certain aspects of church history and really get into the heart of the matter?

My Mom and I were talking a long time ago, and she told me she wanted nothing more than to go to Relief Society and have a lengthy conversation about polygamy, both in this life and the afterlife. That would never happen, though. It's not talked about because they would rather not talk about it and live in denial.

People are afraid of the truth.

How is it that certain people automatically get believed when they spout off nonsense? Pat Robertson is a good example, Thomas S. Monson is another. Regardless of what these two people say or do (among others) their followers will believe them. No questions asked. None.

Anyone who sets him or herself up as God's infallible wing-man on earth should be looked at from every angle. Instead, the sheeple nod their heads, say their prayers and thank their God that they belong to the right church.

What has Thomas S. Monson done to prove he is a prophet? What kind of prophecy has he given that has come true? Has he ever made comments about meeting with Jesus and God in the temple? Having conversations with them about things? Has he ever even attempted to show the people on earth that he really is a prophet?

I think it comes down to one very important decision everyone has to make at one point or another...

Do I want to go along with the flow, or do I want to find the truth about things?

Is the truth more important than the warm fuzzies?

Is the truth worth alienating friends and family members?

Is the truth worth the constant comments and aggravation from members of the church who are convinced I am being misled?

The answer to those questions is a big, fat YES.

I want to know things, to understand them, to embrace what we have in the moment. I don't want to cross my fingers that I choose the right religion, waste time in hundreds of meetings, pray to a God that will ignore you, give up 10% of my money, or belong to a corporation that doesn't think twice about trying to limit the rights of people who are different than they are.

It wasn't easy to learn the truth and have to make big decisions about who I should tell or shouldn't tell. I knew first hand what the church tells members about apostates. I knew what I was up against... and until Mormons go through that themselves they have no idea just how huge and life-changing that can be.

The church was a part of my very existence. It was something I thought about constantly. It's hard to walk away from the normalcy, the comfortable bubble.

I still find myself humming church hymns. I will be walking over to my Mom's house and I will find myself singing Nearer My God to Thee, Choose the Right, Teach Me To Walk in the Light, Count Your Blessings, and I am a Child of God. Those melodies will be in my head forever... and they are catchy, too. Especially after singing them every Sunday (sometimes more) in a boring, slow paced, nearly monotone, funeral death march beat.

So, I have a question for you guys...

Why is it that certain topics are taboo? Not discussed? Why doesn't the church address these things head-on instead of pretending they are not there?

Why are there historically incorrect pictures shown to members of the church that conveniently leave out things like seer stones?

Why doesn't the church recognize that the Book of Abraham isn't even close to being what Joseph Smith said it was?

Why do they tell the members of the church that they shouldn't go on the internet for information about church history and instead only trust info that comes directly from the men in white shirts?

I think I will always be angry about this. Not because I have a dark, Godless heart... but because I went through so much guilt and drama. My anger isn't directed at the members of the church, it's directed to the leaders who have the information at their fingertips and continue to make excuses for the actions of prior leaders.

If you aren't angry, you aren't paying attention.

It's not even close to being a moral thing to do... picking and choosing what information to give. It's so underhanded and sly that it makes me shake my head in disgust.

How do they get away with it?

Shouldn't people all over the world hold religious organizations accountable for the outright lies they tell on a daily basis? Why aren't there more people willing to stand up and demand answers from these people?

I do take comfort in knowing that there are more and more people coming to their senses about Mormonism. That goes for other religions as well. The age of information is upon us, and those who take advantage of the wealth of information learn and grow. Atheism is getting more and more common, and while I don't really care what people believe (as long as they don't make me live by their religious rules: UTAH) I think it's good that people are looking at things in a logical and careful manner.

Blind faith gets you nowhere. You just spin your wheels, devoting time and energy to a belief system that just isn't right. You feel guilt for normal things, you give money to an already wealthy church, and you beat yourself up for not being who the "Lord" wants you to be.

I love truth.


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Things I Hate

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Know what I hate?

Computer viruses.

Last night I was making a window's movie and some stupid program installed itself on my computer. I was so freaking mad! It kept telling me I had spyware on my computer and telling me I had to purchase some program for sixty bucks to get rid of it. I knew it was fishy so I did a search for it online (it's called AntiVirus Live... stay far away from it) and found a way to get rid of it. It took me a while though... I had to find a free one, start my computer in safe mode, and blah blah blah...

People say that they have fallen victim of this little spyware scam and actually gone through paypal and charged the fake software on their credit cards. I'm glad I didn't do anything like that. I don't have the money to do anything like that... hahaha...

Anyway, I am back and it looks like the computer is back to normal.

Ahh, how I love the websites of internet computer geeks! Without them, I would be slitting my wrists by now. Believe me. I use the work geek with love, because I am one also. I would have lost my mind without a computer.

Since I am on a hating spree... here is a list of more things I hate:

  • Tomatoes
  • When you can't find a pen
  • WhEn PeoPle TyPe LikE ThIs
  • Cheaters
  • Liars
  • Religion
  • Being Broke
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • Sarah Palin
  • Glenn Beck
  • Bigots
  • People constantly popping their knuckles
  • Animal Abusers =The sorry excuses for human beings that hurt Abbey Road and Spooky Bear before I adopted them into my home.
  • Violence
  • Homophobia
  • Black Licorice
  • When people won't answer a direct question.
  • Kent Hovind
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Ray Comfort
  • Loud Neighbors
  • People who lack empathy
  • Football (It's just men running into each other to me)
  • Internet Trolls
  • Brooks and Dunn
  • Tea Baggers (not the gay sex act, the large group of people who want to complain about everything Obama does just because they can).
  • Birthers (not expectant mothers, people who are convinced Obama is not an American citizen and should be kicked out of office).
  • The fact that I am a vegetarian that constantly craves meat. It's hard to stop myself from having a hamburger or a hot dog at times. Really, really hard. I know I would regret it, though. Probably cry myself to sleep.
  • Donald Trump
  • Cell Phones
  • People who can't think for themselves
  • People who tell me I left Mormonism so I could sin, drink coffee, have sex without guilt and be a crazy person.
  • Meeting people who think they know everything
  • Being sick to my stomach
  • People who throw litter on the ground. How hard is it to hold onto it until you find a trash can?
  • When the battery in my camera dies and I see something beautiful I want to capture.
  • Ann Coulter
  • Wal-Mart
  • Parents who have no control over their children, nor do they seem to care
  • People who think they are too special to follow the rules everyone else follows
  • People who complain about using self-checkout while going out of their way to use self-checkouts. If you don't like them, don't use them.
  • Bugs
  • Being an insomniac
  • People who think praying for someone will actually do any good.
  • When people don't dim their headlights
  • When people see you in what is clearly a uniform of some kind and ask, "Do you work here?"
  • When I find a vegetarian frozen dinner I really like and they discontinue it immediately.
  • 80% of the comments on YouTube
  • The wackjob who created Antivirus Live and made me waste so much time getting rid of the damn software.

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Out Of His Mind

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More evidence that Pat Robertson is out of his mind:

Inhaling Demon Spirits

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on 9/11

Pat Robertson Figures Out How To Deal With Your Gay Son

Katrina=God's Wrath

Robertson Claims He Predicted 9/11

Pat Robertson Hates Yoga

Pat Robertson Rare Footage (camera continued filming him off air)

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Rescued Girl, 11, Fies After Bid to Save Her

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As a follow up to my post about Pat Robertson and his hateful and ridiculous comments about the earthquake in Haiti being punishment from God because they made a pact with the devil, I would like to share this sad news from CNN.

How DARE Pat Robertson make comments that God was responsible for the events that took this child's life. How FUCKING dare him!

He sincerely believes that this child went through that much agony, pain, stress, fear and ultimately died because of a God we are supposed to WORSHIP?

This little girl didn't deserve what happened to her. She did nothing. She was living her life, growing, learning and he has the guts to say that she or people in her country were responsible for this?

How do people look at the words of Mr. Robertson and sit back and agree with him? How do people justify the cruel and sick things he said and still consider him a preacher who knows about God? Why are there people sending him money?

That being said, even *IF* Pat Robertson's statement was true (and we ALL know it's not... but for the sake of argument) why would we, as a people, need to worship and praise a God that could do this to innocent people?

Where was their God when this happened?

Was God with this child? No.

Did God hear the prayers of the people who watched her story unfold on television? He supposedly hears all prayers, right?

So God hears the prayers, and does nothing? Nothing at all? Why? Even if this creator wanted her to die as a part of some sick master plan, why didn't he ease her pain or comfort her when she needed it?

Instead, she laid there at the mercy of rescue workers. Crying in agony and struggling to survive. She suffered.

Yeah, "God" is great.


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Scare Tactics

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I came across a few of these videos on Christian Nightmares. I have blogged about them before, and the website is AWESOME. I also added more videos from YouTube to show how religion wants to scare you into believing the end of times is near and the only way to get to an imaginary place called Heaven you need to do what they say.

End of World

I love how this video is made to look like a freaking disaster movie.

The lack of compassion and love this video talks about is what I see in most religious groups. Intolerance for those who have different belief systems, those who don't believe in God at all, homosexuals, women, and lets not forget that racism is still alive and well in many places.

Do they need to look forward to the end of times so much? Are they that convinced that it's going to happen? It's almost like they love thinking about how God is going to destroy everyone but them and they dream about watching all the "sinners" be punished. They are, after all, the chosen people. It's ridiculous.

The Truth

Yet another example of making the end of the world look like a feature film trailer.

It's not a movie peeps, and if the world ends at some point it's because dimwits decided to stop taking care of the Earth and ignoring global warming. I don't think for one second that religious people worry about the state of the Earth (well, most of them). They think God is going to come and save them and it won't matter what happens to our planet. After all, the Bible gave us dominion over the Earth, and we can do what we want with it... no biggie.

Another thing I wanted to mention was that when Christians post these vids on YouTube they usually turn off comments and ratings. They want to get their message out there, but they also want to ignore all differing opinions about the videos and what they represent.

Are they afraid of someone challenging their beliefs?

Yes, I think so.

Do they know deep down that they might not win the debate with people educated in science and history?

Yes, I think so.

This is War - Paul Washer

I have a really bad reaction when I hear preachers use the word "War." I have an even worse reaction when that sermon is put to music and put on the internet to reach more people and make them feel as if the preacher himself is all knowing. The preacher doesn't know anything more about the end of the world, life after death, or the meaning of life than you do. He just wants you to think he does.

They stand before their congregations as men who supposedly have the answers from God and tell them passionately that they should believe they are at war.

War with who?

War with Satan? War with other religions? War with against Darth Vader? Are we being invaded by aliens who want to kidnap us and eat our brains (why not, most of don't use them!)?

No, we are not at war.

Instead of preaching using the word "war" I wish they would use these words:

  1. Love
  2. Compassion
  3. Understanding
  4. Acceptance
  5. Empathy

But no... the word war means more to them. Why?

Using the word war immediately makes people feel that they have enemies. That people are against them. Brigham Young once said (paraphrasing):

You are either with us or you are against us.

This is flawed thinking. No one cares if you want to believe in God or believe the end of the world is near, but I have a problem with your preacher trying to convince you that I am at war with you because I don't agree with the conclusions you have drawn from the Bible.

War is bad. All war is bad. All. Of. It. People die in wars. People become separated from those they love, they become filled with hate for those who are viewed as being on the other side.

Believe what you want, kind religious folk, just don't pass laws saying I can't drink on Sunday, make my future children pray in school, or teach my kids that we all came from Adam and Eve. Your answers are not my answers. That doesn't mean we can't be friends. That doesn't mean we are at war. That means we can disagree and still find ways to connect to each other as members of society.

Scare tactics suck.


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Flights From Hell

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This is one of those completely random links to a website I find funny/interesting.

Flights From Hell is a blog dedicated to voicing outrageous stories that happen to people on airplanes. There are stories from pilots, passengers, stories about crazy luggage mishaps... you name it.

I have a Flight from Hell story, but I will leave that for another day.


Here are a couple airplane vids that I entertain me in one way or another to ad more pizazz to this otherwise bland post. ;)

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Scratching My Head

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I just approved two comments that made me stop in my tracks and scratch my head in thought. I love it when that happens. Even though I am trying my hardest to let my brain wind down long enough for me to catch a couple hours of sleep (impossible lately... I have always suffered from insomnia, but it's been really bad the last couple months) I had to make a post and respond to them.

So, first, we have a comment from Dan who says:

God says, "The FOOL has said in his HEART there is no God."

It means the FOOL REBEL says, "NO, God!"

Hmmm... maybe it's the fact that I might actually be getting sleepy, but it seems as though you are trying to say something without actually saying it. What is it, Dan, that you are trying to say?

Don't give silly quotes that some religious guy made to back up his/her belief in God. Just say it.

I am sincere in my question because if you know what God says, I would like to let you know that you can seek help for the voices you might be hearing in your head.

Did God say that to you?

How do you know God said that?

Are you saying I am a fool because I question the existence of God? Call me crazy (you can, because I technically just called you crazy a few sentences back) but aren't fools people who believe everything they are told and refuse to ask challenging questions only to be taken advantage of in some way?

How do you know God is really there? By just believing it? By not asking questions and plugging along in your prescribed belief system? Why would God give you a brain and the ability to think critically if he didn't want you to use those wonderful gifts?

Your blog is quite interesting, too (it's called "The Appointment" for those interested just click on Dan's name above).

Only one post that says:

God says, "it is appointed until men ONCE to die but after this the judment."

I do realize that you just created your blog and that might not be a full example of what your blog is about so it's probably not fair to form an opinion on your thoughts ideas from this alone... but again you feel the need to tell everyone what God says.

Again... how do you know God said that? Because someone told you God said that? I mean, I could tell you that I have magical powers that allow me to magically cook spaghetti and meatballs in 3 seconds... would you believe me if I said that? Nope. So why would you believe someone when they say they know what God himself says?

God came to me in a vision last night and told me to tell the readers of this blog to go to the animal shelters and adopt or foster animals in need of good homes.

I am stating that God told me this personally, and that we need to reach out and assist living creatures who deserve love and compassion... but would you really believe me that God came to me in a vision?


Interested in your reply. :)

Now, this is a quote from Rachel who agrees with me about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin:

In one of the questions that Glenn Beck asked her (it took her awhile to come up with a coherent answer) she said that George Washington was her favorite founding father. Because he was the first president. Little does she know... (I mean that quite literally, too)

Yes, it is true that the first settlers of this nation were very religious, true believers. Until we kicked them off their own land. :) The second were also very pious, religious, the ones that came over here on the Mayflower. However, they were not the drafters of the constitution. Those men were all secularists. Some may have been religious, most were Diests, not Christians, but all were against allowing religion to play ANY part in law-making. Kind of gives you the warm and fuzzies. ;)

I wish people would start looking this stuff up, instead of believing talking heads on Fox news to tell them what people believed almost 250 years ago. Especially since it is such a bald faced lie most of the time.

Rachel, as I stated in my reply in the comment section, I think I might have just fallen madly in love with you.

You had me at:

(it took her awhile to come up with a coherent answer)
Fox news and the morons who watch that channel faithfully are prime examples of people not asking questions and just going along with the flow.

The Native American reference was spectacular.

I applaud you.

Mean it.

Is it just me, or does Fox news seem to be getting more and more conservative and more and more religious oriented every single day? It's almost like they are putting on some kind of God show. It's not news, it's insanity.

When will people learn?

Question everything.


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Beck and Palin on God

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It didn't long, did it?

I knew Palin and Beck were going to piss me off, and I wasn't wrong. Does this mean I have the gift of prophecy? Am I wrong in not believing in God? Maybe God speaks to me directly through thoughts, feelings, and maybe God is what makes my cat's meow?

Check this out:

Yes, lets get the Mormon and the woman who believes in witchcraft and demons to discuss how important religion is to American society.

Where would we be without religion? Would we care at all about each other? Would killing a neighbor over a small dispute be commonplace? Would people not call 911 when someone needs help? Wait... those things already happen... don't they?

Where is this God they say watches over us?

Did he help the people in the city of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina?

Did he help people avoid the world trade centers on September 11th?

Does he help the millions of abused and starving children all over the world? If he does, how? Because the way I see it... it's *people* who are helping the starving children.

Something I learned the other day which I found fascinating was that Seth Macfarlane, the hottie, the comedic genius behind the Family Guy, the dreamboat (and an outspoken atheist) had a ticket for one of those ill-fated planes on September 11, 2001. Did I mention how good looking he was? I should mention that... ;)

If God was looking out for people on September 11th, why did he help someone who was an outspoken atheist? Why didn't God save someone with a husband, a wife, a family? Instead he saves the millionaire who is part of the "Hollywood Elite?" What was God thinking?

Was it Satan?

Yes, that must be it.

Seth Macfarlane, my future husband and father of my children (I can dream) must have made a pact with Satan himself! This led him to create a series of hit television shows, become wealthy beyond his imagination, and miss his flight on 9/11! Does Pat Robertson know about this guy? Maybe Seth Macfarlane is the cause of the earthquake in Haiti?!?!

But, where was God?

Where is this loving creator when there is so much pain and suffering going on throughout the world?

Why doesn't he help?

He just chooses not to? How do you get to be one of the lucky people God helps? Do you have to just be lucky? Be in the right place at the right time?

Palin says she prays to God for guidance, grace and strength. I wonder if she has tried praying to a can of Spam? I bet she would get the same results.

She goes on to say that she would never tell someone else how to live.

Really Sarah? Really? You sure about that? How about this little gem?

Call me crazy, Sarah... I call you crazy all the time, but it seems to me that you just told reporters that marriage should be between a man and a woman only. Hmmm... that doesn't constitute as telling someone else how to live? Is the sky bubble gum pink in your little world, too?

She wants to see more American's "Give It A Try."

Yes, what we need is more religious fundamentalism brainwashing in our lives. More irrational fears, more hypocritical assholes telling people that they are sinning and going to burn in Hell if they don't do exactly what they tell them to do.

Yeah, we need more of that.

She goes on to say that she wants more of us to seek out God like our founding fathers did. They way they sought out God to help with creating the documents that let America become the strong country it is today.

I will leave you with this video that shows how crazy fundamentalists can be in regards to this country...

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What If You Were God?

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First, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :) I had a good one. I spent the entire day eating junk food, walking around in flannel pajamas and plotting enemies' demise.

One of my favorite YouTube pals made this video titled, "If You Were God." If you have the time, check it out!

NoTrueScotsman also shared the text for the video, and I hope he doesn't mind me passing it along on my blog. I just want to make it clear that I didn't write or gather this... all credit goes to him. If you check out more of his videos, you will love them as much as I do, I'm sure.

Let's say that you're an omniscient, omnipotent deity who created the universe, the cosmos, life, and humanity.

Let's also say that the foremost concern in your all-knowing mind was to be believed in by your human creations.

In fact, whether someone believed in you or not was so important that not to believe in you would condemn any such unfortunate soul to an eternity of punishment after death.

For instance, a mass murderer who had a deathbed conversion to believing in you stood a better chance of a happy afterlife than a moral, charitable person who did NOT believe in you. This is how important belief in you would be.

If belief in you were so crucial, if so much hung in the balance on this one issue alone, wouldn't you want to make your presence known to everyone in an obvious way? Wouldn't you want to make it clear to all humanity, with no room for doubt, that you existed? Maybe you'd give every human an innate knowledge of the reality of your being.

Or would you make it a game? Would you manifest yourself in no obvious way so that believers would need to take your existence as an article of faith? Would you leave so much room for doubt that many would believe in another god, or no god at all?

So, if they failed to win the game, if they died unconvinced of your existence, you would then condemn these unwilling players to an eternity of torment.

Does that sound reasonable to you?

Let's say at some point in time, you wanted to make your inconspicuous existence more conspicuous to lots of people. What would you do?

Maybe you'd announce your existence to every man, woman, and child on earth, so it would be impossible to doubt that you are who you are. Or if that's too showy for you, maybe you'd make your presence known by sending a messenger, an entity unmistakably from somewhere other than earth.

Or, again, would you make it a game?

Would you have this messenger take human form, going so far as to have him born from a flesh-and-blood woman, a human intermediary? Maybe this messenger-in-human-form would do a few things that ordinary humans couldn't, but his form would still be human — it would be human enough for many people to doubt that you sent him, and sent him specifically to confirm your existence and your power.

Does THAT sound reasonable to you?

If it does, I'd have to question if believing in you was really so important to you after all. Maybe you were just looking for an excuse to send hapless souls to an unpleasant afterlife.

Now, lets take another hypothetical.

Let's say its 2,000 years ago, and you're a human being living in an obscure corner of the Roman Empire. You come across this preacher — there are a lot of them there at the time — and he says some really profound things, profound things like:

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."

And its no real surprise that he says such wise things because he grew up near a cosmopolitan Roman port city, and was probably influenced by the culture there.

In fact, what he says is so radical, and he shakes up the establishment so much, you have a hard time believing you have the same religion. So, you reach the conclusion that he is the messenger that your god has been promising you for a long time.

But for one reason or another, he gets into deep political danger, and the local leaders talk the Roman authorities into executing him — giving him the worst of all deaths under Roman law: the humiliating death of a common criminal — crucifixion.

You say to yourself: This isn't right! He was such a wise teacher! He was Gods chosen messenger, or could have been! He shouldn't have been struck down like a petty thief, a petty murderer!

So, you tell yourself that you must turn his humiliating death into a glorious one. You must make his degrading death an important and necessary part of what it means to be your gods messenger.

I'm sure that there are alternate hypotheticals that we could explore. But of the two that I just gave you, which one sounds like it has the greatest potential to be true?

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Pat Robertson = Evil

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Pat Robertson.

Just hearing that name makes my blood pressure rise. He is one of the biggest douchebags in religious history. Don't take my word for it, let the Amazing Atheist give you the real scoop:

Yeah, so Pat Robertson says Haiti was hit by an earthquake and thousands of people will die because of lack of supplies, because the people there made a pact with the devil?

What the flying fuck is wrong with this guy?

He is so full of shit that I can't even stand looking at his ugly mug for longer than 4 minutes. He makes me sick.

How is it that people look to him as a religious leader? People actually listen to him, ask his spiritual advice, give him money, and look up to him as something they should aspire to be like. All he has to do, as the Amazing Atheist said, is put the "God" band-aid on it.

Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell didn't hate anyone... God did.

So, let me add to the growing number of people asking Robertson and his followers this question:

"If God is sick enough to wipe out an entire group of people in Haiti, including children, infants, toddlers, and unborn fetuses, because of some pact with Satan the kids had nothing to do with, why should we worship this God?"

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Letting Go Of God

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I posted a clip of this amazing piece of art by Julia Sweeney a long time ago, but today I had the opportunity to watch the entire performance. If you haven't seen this, you are REALLY missing out.

It's smart, funny, and she has the ability to take you on the journey of having faith to coming to the realization that maybe...

Just maybe...

The fairy tales we were all taught as children are just that... fairy tales.

If you have the time, you should check it out.

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Faux News

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Go. Away.

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Sarah Palin has just signed a multi-year deal with Faux-News.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will appear on Fox News as a contributor, The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg reports here.

Palin, the GOP's 2008 vice presidential nominee, has penned a multi-year deal with the network, but will not have her own program, Rutenberg said.

Are you kidding me? As if I needed yet another reason to hate this so-called "news" station? I wonder how long thing deal has been in the works, and I wonder how much she is going to get paid.

Fox News executives and Palin have confirmed the news in a statement:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has signed a multi-year deal with FOX News to serve as a contributor across all FOX News platforms, announced Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of Programming.

In making the announcement, Shine said, “Governor Palin has captivated everyone on both sides of the political spectrum and we are excited to add her dynamic voice to the FOX News lineup.” As a contributor, Palin will provide political commentary and analysis for FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOXNews.com, and FOX News-produced special event political programming for FOX Broadcasting.

In addition, she will host periodic episodes of FNC’s “Real American Stories,” a series exploring inspirational real-life tales of overcoming adversity throughout the American landscape that will debut in 2010.

Palin added, “I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at FOX News. It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”

Fair and balanced my ass.

Oh, and it looks like she is going to be buddied up with Bill O-Reilly.

Palin will make her first appearance as a Fox pundit Tuesday night on The O'Reilly Factor. That news was first reported by The Los Angeles Times.

If I believed in God or the end of the world, I might be a little worried about the Apocalypse. This has got to be one of the scariest things I have read in a looooong time.

She will put her foot in her mouth at some point and remind everyone how lucky the US was that Obama won the election. She sucks. She sucks bad.

One of the things that scares me the most about this woman is that she believes the Bible should be taken literally. She has also stated that she believes that Jesus will return to earth during her lifetime.

The people in her church believe in demons, witchcraft, speaking in tongues, Holy War, and once asked questions about how to go about banning books.

A video about Sarah's church:


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God's Divine Plan

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Prop H8 Vote Corrupted??

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Watchdog Group Says Prop. 8 Vote 'Probably Corrupted'

By Patrick Range McDonald

A new study by the Election Defense Alliance, a national, non-profit election watchdog group, reports that the November, 2008, vote to take away the existing right of gays and lesbians to legally marry in California through Proposition 8 was "probably corrupted."

EDA co-founders Sally Castleman and Jonathan Simon write that the watchdog group conducted exit polling at 19 precincts on Election Day, 2008, in Los Angeles County, the major swing county in California that supposedly voted in favor of the gay marriage ban.

EDA then found a huge disparity between the exit polling numbers and the official vote count, with more L.A. County residents actually voting against Proposition 8.

"It is beyond the scope of this study to know if any corruption was due to honest error or intentional fraud," Castleman and Simon write. "Further investigation is warranted."

EDA released its findings on its Web site.

"Deviations between exit polls and official results far outside margins of error cannot be explained away by demographics or polling factors," EDA writes. "The facts established in these reports cannot responsibly be dismissed or evaded."

Wow, wish I could say that I was shocked by this study, but I'm not. Not surprised at all.

It seems to be that the people who love to claim that they are more righteous than everyone else are usually the same people who end up acting so wrong.

I still don't understand how the Mormon Church got away with what they did during that election. Asking it's members to donate time, money, to call people in California on the phone encouraging them to vote for the ban. What killed me was the amount of people in Utah involved in volunteering to help the church. The vote had nothing to do with Utah, yet people all over the Beehive State were freaking out and acting as if their children would turn gay if the proposition didn't pass.

I remember getting emails from my Mormon family members giving false information about gay marriage, asking me to donate money to help fight against the "evil" of gay marriage.

"Evil?" I asked. "How is it evil?"

"It just is. It just is."

People went on and on about "protecting" marriage! Protecting it from WHAT???

You certainly are not protecting marriage from the millions of divorces that take place in the United States of America. I mean, if you want to protect something, why do you make it so easy to divorce?

It's such a blatant slap in the face to the basic civil rights of a group of people that I can't see how Mormons don't see it!!

I guess the Church, as well as other religions, only change when they are forced to. When they are called out and given an ultimatum. We have seen this will polygamy, with blacks receiving the priesthood... you name it.

How does gay marriage hurt straight marriage?


Please believing Mormons who read this blog... please answer that question for me!

Is it because you think that allowing gay marriage will somehow make your children gay? Are you so worried that your own children will be attracted to the same sex that you think hiding the idea that many gay and lesbian families are living happily in the world today will push them into a gay or lesbian relationship?

People don't "turn" gay. You are or you aren't.

Think about it for a second.

of the gay people I know grew up in traditional homes with a mother and a father. Most of them were Mormon, too. They didn't wake up one morning and decide to be gay, they didn't go out of their way to make their lives harder, it's just who they are. Just like some people have blue eyes, some have dark skin, and some lack the ability to use common sense and reason.

Would you love your children any less if they were gay? Would you? Would you tell them that they had to leave the house if they came out to you? Would you treat them differently? Would you turn the unconditional love you once had for your child into hate? Do you realize how many people out there kill themselves because they feel there is something wrong with them because they are attracted to the same sex?

Why should straight couples have rights that gay couples don't?

Should Catholics have rights that Mormons don't?

Should Atheists have rights that Christians don't?

Why should people think they have the right to decide what others can or cannot do?

I mean, if anything gay marriage will help the economy! There is no reason whatsoever that this ban on gay marriage should have passed, and yet it did?

I wont get married until everyone has the right. If the Mormon Church or any other church wants to not perform gay marriages, I don't care. But you shouldn't take that away from everyone because *you* have a problem with it.

This is crazy, it's 2010 and we are still talking about basic civil rights in the United States of America?

If you want a "traditional" marriage. Have one. I won't stop you, and I wouldn't want to. However, when you tell me or anyone else what kind of marriage we should have, you are crossing the line.

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My Birthday

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Yesterday was my birthday.

Another year older and another year wiser?

My ordered this little cake for me as a surprise :) It was dark chocolate cake with a raspberry filling in the middle and buttercream frosting. Absolutely delicious!!

I don't know about you guys, but I am a frosting lover and always ask for a corner piece when I can. Lucky for me this is just a little cake and it's ALL MINE!!! *Insert picture of Andee walking around her apartment in flannel pajamas with a happy birthday tiara and eating cake here*

*Hugs* to all my internet buddies out there. I will be updating the blog more after I come down from my sugar high :)


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Tiger Needs Jesus

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For the record, I haven't really read much on the whole Tiger Woods mess. I did get to see Tiger a couple times in Orlando during events when I worked at the theme parks, and he always seemed like a nice enough guy.

So, apparently, he has had countless affairs and cheated on his wife more times than he can count. There are still mistresses coming out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes of fame and attention.

To be honest, I don't really think it's anyone's business. This is between Tiger and his family.

That certainly doesn't stop Brit Hume from FauxNews from telling the world that Tiger needs a little Jesus.

Here is what Keith Olbermann had to say on his show about Hume's comments:

I hate fauxNews as much as I hate religion.


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U.S. Military Trying To Convert Muslims to Christianity

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I have mentioned this story before, but I came across an article Christopher Hitchens wrote about the topic. It was linked in Christian Nightmares, be sure to check out that website if you haven't already. It's amazing. For the entire article in Vanity Fair, click here.

Some of the things that made me cringe?

...Lieutenant Colonel Gary Hensley, chief of the United States’ military chaplains in Afghanistan. He was telling his evangelical audience, all of them wearing uniforms supplied by the taxpayer, that as followers of Jesus Christ they had a collective responsibility “to be witnesses for him.” Heating up this theme, Lieutenant Colonel Hensley went on: “The Special Forces guys, they hunt men, basically. We do the same things, as Christians. We hunt people for Jesus. We do, we hunt them down. Get the hound of heaven after them, so we get them in the kingdom. Right? That’s what we do, that’s our business.”

Holy Shit, right?

No, Hensley, your job is to fight the war on terror and come home safely to your family and friends. You job is to protect America from those who want to do harm to it.

It is *not* your job to go to other countries and "witness" to people who are already devoutly religious. Do you not see how fucking arrogant that is?

I would like to know this Chaplain's thoughts if a large group of Muslims came to the Unites States and started sharing their word with American children.

No wonder so much of the world thinks our heads are up our asses.

A certain Sergeant James Watt, a candidate for a military chaplaincy, is shown giving thanks for the work of his back-home church, which subscribed the dough. “I also want to praise God because my church collected some money to get Bibles for Afghanistan. They came and sent the money out,” he beamingly tells his Bible-study class. In another segment, those present show quite clearly that they understand they are in danger of violating General Order Number One of the U.S. Central Command, which explicitly prohibits “proselytizing of any religion, faith, or practice.” A gathering of chaplains, all of them fed from the public trough, is addressed by Captain Emmit Furner, a military cleric who seems half in love with his own light-footed moral dexterity. “Do we know what it means to proselytize?” he asks his audience. A voice from the audience is heard to say, “It is General Order Number One.” To this Sergeant Watt replies: “You can’t proselytize but you can give gifts.… I bought a carpet and then I gave the guy a Bible after I conducted my business.”

Again, it shows that they know what they are doing is wrong according to the instructions given to them by the US Military. They just weasel their way around it.

...A Pentecostal chaplain warned cadets that they should accept Christ or “burn in hell.” About the latter incident, the air-force investigative panel decided to be lenient, on the perfectly good grounds that such language is “not uncommon” in this denomination.

I hate religion.

I hate it sooooo much.

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