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Time for a photo update!

Last night roomie and I went for a little drive and I took some strange photos playing with the lights from cars and buildings. I turned off the flash and set my shutter speed so I could catch movement in the shots. These are the results. Definitely not major artwork, but it was fun. I can't wait to get a better tripod and get some shots of a busy street at night.

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Sylvia Browne's Scorecard

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I made a post about stopping Sylvia Browne last year, but I wanted to touch on it again. It does seem that more and more people are realizing she is a giant fraud, and with the cancellation of the Montel Williams Show she will be getting less and less of the spotlight.

When Sylvia does go on the Montel Show she usually meets up with a couple families who are looking for missing people. StopSylviaBrowne.com webmaster, Robert Landcaster, has compiled many of Sylvia Browne's predictions. It's amazing how many times she has flubbed, and people still think she is a psychic... they buy her books, go to her lectures and cruises, and pay tons of money for personal or phone readings. Sylvia also has a jewelry line, charging from $70.00 to $475.00 for spiritual jewels.

Robert Landcaster points out that it is nearly impossible for anyone to check up on most of the predictions she makes to members of Montel's show. Most people ask things about their love life, some ask if their dead relatives and friends continue to watch over them... these things are impossible to check out.

Fortunately, it *is* easy to check out her answers to grieving family members when in comes to missing persons' cases. Robert Landcaster had this to say on his website:

Many answers she gives to audience questions are either totally unverifiable (such as "Your spirit guide's name is Joe", "You have five guardian angels", "Your mother made it to the other side", "In a past life you were a Confederate soldier", etc.). Others are impossible to verify without following up with audience members years later ("You will marry a woman named Sally", "You will have three children," "You will meet your future spouse in a year", etc.). Since the audience members are generally anonymous, it is impossible to test these readings for accuracy.

However, one type of reading she gives on the show which we are sometimes able to test are her readings regarding missing person cases and homicide cases. The details given by the person being "read" (such as the name of the missing/murdered person) can make it possible to research the case. And, if the case was later solved, we can see whether or not Browne's statements during the reading were found to be true.

I have yet to find a single, documented case where Browne was substantially correct - or of any use to law enforcement - in any of her readings regarding missing persons or homicide cases.

Sylvia Browne watches the video montage of Opal Jo Jennings.

Williams: Sylvia, we just looked at this tape. Please welcome Audrey to the show. Audrey, come on up here. Come up here.

(Mrs. Sanderford enters from audience, sits by Sylvia Browne. There is a brief pause, after which Sylvia Browne speaks.)

Browne: She’s… not… dead. But what bothers me – now I’ve never heard of this before, but for some reason, she was taken and put into some kind of a slavery thing and taken into Japan. The place is Kukouro. Or Kukoura. I don’t know anything about it, but…

Williams: Kukouro?

Browne: Kukouro, Kukoura. There can’t be that many places…

Williams: There’s also a Kuro.

Browne: No, no. This is… This is…

Williams: No, but two…

Browne: This is many syllables. Kukouro.

Browne: So she was taken and put on some kind of a boat or a plane and taken into white slavery.

(A photo montage of Opal is shown over the following.)

Williams: You know what I can do for you, Audrey, we can put Detective Joe Culligan on this…

Browne: Yeah, do it.

Williams: … and see what we can find out anything on this.

Sanderford: All right. Thank you.

(End of photo montage.)

Williams: We… we’ll… you see Sylvia, she was playing… Opal was playing out in front of the house, within earshot of Grandma and Grandpa and gone.

Browne: It doesn’t… It can be that quick. I know.

Williams: What… what, did somebody drive by and pick her up? Who is it?

Browne: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-uhh. It… Yeah, it was a man. He wasn’t Asian. He was white. And then he sold her, like, on the Asian market of some kind.

Sanderford: Oh, gosh…

Browne: And Montel, you know, I’m so afraid. I’m getting more and more of this now.

Williams: But you know what? I’m going to tell you something. We… we have heard more and more about this.

Browne: I never used to hear about this.

Williams: Child… children are being… you look at milk cartons and you see missing children. Some of them have been taken other places on the planet.

Browne: Mmm-hmm. Exactly.

Williams: Okay. Maybe we… we’ll have to do a show about it. (To an audience member) Yes ma’am. You had a question.

From this point on, Montel and Sylvia take unrelated questions from the rest of the crowd. Mrs. Sanderford is still seated, on camera, and continues looking understandably distraught throughout.

According to friends of the family, despite Montel Willams’ promise of help, the family never again heard from Williams or Browne.

Typically, when Sylvia Browne does a reading on the Montel Williams show, we have no way of knowing whether she was right or wrong.

Not so this time.

In August of 1999, convicted child molester Richard Lee Franks was arrested and charged with Opal’s abduction. He admitted to having picked her up and given her a ride (the children who witnessed Opal’s abduction say that a man grabbed her, struck her when she screamed, threw her into his truck, and drove off with her).

Franks was convicted of Opal’s abduction in September of 2000, and was subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

In late December of 2003, the skeletal remains of a small girl were found in a remote area near Fort Worth, Texas. The pink Barbie tennis shoes found with the remains matched those Opal Jo was wearing when she was abducted. A few days later, Tarrant County medical examiners announce that DNA extracted from a tooth confirmed that the remains were those of Opal Jo Jennings. The cause of death: blunt force trauma to the head.

Was Opal still alive when Sylvia talked with Mrs. Sanderford? Not according to a friend of Opal’s family, who says “It was determined that Opal was killed by trauma to the head with(in) several hours of her abduction.”

Was Opal in Japan? No. She was found 13 miles from where she was taken, in Texas.

It would seem that the only thing that Sylvia Browne got right in the case was the fact that Opal had been abducted by a white man. Not only is this not a very impressive “hit,” but it was already known thanks to eyewitnesses, and had been reported nationally. It would have been easy for Sylvia to find this information on the news or on the web, and to drop it into this reading to help convince the family she knew what she was talking about.

But no matter how wrong her reading was, Sylvia didn’t have to worry, since the Montel Show would not be doing any follow-up segment.

Sylvia Browne’s supporters like to talk about how much “comfort” she brings to people.

I wonder how comforted Mrs. Sanderford and the rest of her family felt.

It is bad enough that Sylvia Browne gave them the false hope that Opal was still alive. But she planted in their heads the image of their little girl in “white slavery” - which generally refers to forced prostitution - on the other side of the planet, where they would have had almost no chance of ever finding her. They had to live with that thought for the next four years, until Opal’s remains were finally found.

When confronted with failures of her predictions and readings, Sylvia Browne likes to say that she can’t be right all of the time. If that is the case, why on Earth would she ever say something as horrific as this to a family unless she was 100% certain it was correct?

But if Sylvia Browne is simply a cold reader – as I believe she is – then this is about the cruelest, most disturbing example of cold reading I have ever seen.
There are 14 missing person's cases on StopSylviaBrowne.com, and Sylvia didn't solve any of these cases. Check it out.

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Book of Mormon Translation

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I have gone on about the Book of Mormon translation. It's definitely one of my hot topics. As I have mentioned before, I remember seeing paintings in church as a child and young adult of Joseph Smith and his scribe translating the plates. The plates were in plain view of both parties, and they appeared hard at work. Below is a painting I was shown while I was in Young Women's classes. Unfortunately, almost everything about this painting is incorrect, and the church knows it. Why use this painting as a visual aid if you know it's not correct? Isn't that dishonest?

Joseph Smith Painting shown to me as a child.

I would like to take the time to share quotes from people who were eyewitnesses to the dictation of the Book of Mormon. Their stories are very different from the tale I was told in church as a child, and the Mormon church is definitely aware of the evidence. They just do their best to distance themselves from something that seems to be an obvious tall tale... at least in my eyes.

Emma Hale Smith was Joseph's first wife. She was also the first person to help Joseph as his scribe... Emma's testimony of the translation to her son went as follows:

"In writing for your father I frequently wrote day after day, often sitting at a table close by him, he sitting with his face buried in his hat, with a stone in it, and dictating hour after hour with nothing between us." History of the RLDS Church, 8 vols. (Independence, Missouri: Herald House, 1951), "Last Testimony of Sister Emma," 3:356.
One of the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon was David Whitmer. This is what he shared about the translation:
"I will now give you a description of the manner in which the Book of Mormon was translated. Joseph Smith would put the seer stone into a hat, and put his face in the hat, drawing it closely around his face to exclude the light; and in the darkness the spiritual light would shine. A piece of something resembling parchment would appear, and on that appeared the writing. One character at a time would appear, and under it was the interpretation in English. Brother Joseph would read off the English to Oliver Cowdery, who was his principal scribe, and when it was written down and repeated to Brother Joseph to see if it was correct, then it would disappear, and another character with the interpretation would appear. Thus the Book of Mormon was translated by the gift and power of God, and not by any power of man." David Whitmer, An Address to All Believers in Christ, Richmond, Missouri: n.p., 1887, p. 12
"I, as well as all of my father's family, Smith's wife, Oliver Cowdery and Martin Harris, were present during the translation. . . . He [Joseph Smith] did not use the plates in translation" Interview given to Kansas City Journal, June 5, 1881, reprinted in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Journal of History, vol. 8, (1910), pp. 299-300.
The plates were not even used? Why in the world was it then necessary for the plates to exist at all? If Joseph Smith had the ability to place a stone in a hat and divinely dictate the Book of Mormon word for word, why the need for the plates? That doesn't add up. Not at all. When I asked a missionary about this, he responded with, "It doesn't matter how the translation occurred. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God." I couldn't disagree more.

In 1826, four years before the publication of the Book of Mormon, Joseph was arrested, jailed, and examined in court in Bainbridge, New York on the charge of being "a disorderly person and an impostor" in connection with his use of a peep stone to search for buried treasure. While the evidence indicates he was found guilty of this charge, the young Joseph was apparently released on the condition that he leave the area.

Wow. Why wasn't I told that either? Because the church knows how bad it looks for them. If members and investigators knew the real story they would be much more likely to stop and think about how much they could trust Joseph Smith. The reason the church doesn't want people to know is because they would lose numbers. If they lose numbers, they lose tithing. No tithing, no money. Just my thoughts on the matter.

Pay. Pray. Obey.

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Glad I Moved!

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Someone made a mistake when they changed the sign at their gas station. $31 dollars a gallon?

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The number of people reading my blog has jumped dramatically lately. People are starting to leave comments left and right... and I love it. Whether you agree with my position on the church or not, you are more than welcome to comment and post your feelings. That being said, here are some things I want to get off my chest...

I am always going to allow anonymous comments. I am not bashing all anonymous comments, I want to make that clear. The thing that bothers me about anonymous comments the most is when someone attacks my personal character and doesn't have the courage to at least give me their first name. Hell, you could even make a name up. It's just cowardly to judge me as a person and hide behind "anonymous."

I would like to take the time to address some of the things people had to say...

I hope that you truly understand and recognize the position that you as a "former LDS member" have put yourself in. Good luck to you -Anonymous
Here we have a perfect example of what I am talking about. Of course I understand the position I am in. I know that my research backs me up, and I stand behind everything I have said. It's how I feel. I don't have to apologize for it. As for wishing me luck at the end of that sentence, it's a little jab and everyone knows it. It was meant to induce fear. How Christ-like.

you just don't get it haven't you ever felt the spirit ever you are horrible -anonymous
As I have stated many times on my blog, I have felt the warm and fuzzy feeling most Mormons describe. Unfortunately, none of those warm fuzzy feelings had anything to do with the church in any way. As for telling me I am horrible, it's just a personal attack because I don't agree with you.

Let me lay it on the line for this person... if you want to discuss and debate what I have to say, do it with respect for me and everyone else that leaves comments. It speaks volumes that instead of having facts, data, or knowledge on the matter you insult me personally. If you don't want to discuss things like rational human beings, don't bother posting. If you make a personal jab like that is shows that you don't have much to say except that you disagree. Tell me why you disagree... don't tell me how horrible I am.

what do you think that we have microchips programed to make us feel like we feel the spirit.Thalia
I did thank Thalia for leaving her name. It's awesome that she understands that if she disagrees she can stand behind her position and put her name on it.

I have no idea why she thinks I believe Mormons have microchips... that comment kind of made me go, "Huh?" Again, I know plenty of Mormons, and I grew up Mormon. I know what I am talking about.

You can actually find answers to many of your Mormon-related questions by going to www.fairlds.org and checking out their information.

In the meantime, it's obvious you are dealing with some real issues that appear to be consuming oyu. I would strongly suggest some counseling - particularly grief counseling and dealing with anger-management. -Anonymous
I have been to every Mormon apologetics website you could possibly name. Trouble with apologetics is that they are making excuses for things that have occurred in the past. Saying things like, "He wasn't speaking as a prophet, he was speaking as a man," doesn't help the issues. It doesn't make anything okay. You can believe me when I tell you that I wanted the Mormon church to be true. I wanted to believe that I would see my Dad again and have that eternal family. I didn't set out trying to disprove the church, it was the opposite.

Again, I have done my homework. I don't agree with fairlds' explanations. Period. Their answers don't make sense.

Now, for telling me that I have anger management issues and telling me that I should be a counselor, you are wrong. I don't have anger management issues. I think I am actually a pretty calm and collected person. The only thing I am doing here is sharing the truth.

What in the world did I say that would make you assume I had anger management issues?

Another personal jab from another anonymous person. If you want to discuss the facts, lets discuss them. I am all for it. Don't insult me personally. It only shows your lack of knowledge of the facts involved.

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Top Ten Crazy Asian Pizza Crusts

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Check out these insane pizza crusts! For the complete list just click on any of the photos for the source.

The crust of the German King is folded over every few inches to encase a ring of sausage atop a layer of bacon. Atop a layer of cheese. The result is a visually appealing pattern of alternating pink sausage and golden crust and a flavor symphony of processed meat, pork, and cheese in every bite.

Pizza Hut's Shrimp and Mayo Crust Roll is similar to its Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite except it uses shrimp nuggets instead of whole shrimp and is injected with mayonnaise instead of surrounded by gooey cheese. Think pigs in a blanket reimagined as cheese-oozing shrimp nubs in a blanket.

For the pizza lover who also craves shrimp and cheese wrapped in dough, Pizza Hut has created the Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite. Because nothing gets the stomach juices flowing quite as well as a ring of shrimp with tails dangling in the air and heads swaddled in tubes of cheese-stuffed dough.

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Surveillance Screen Saver

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SurveillanceSaver is a screensaver which shows live images of over 400 network surveillance cameras worldwide. Yep, when your computer is idle you’ll get to see a live feed of what’s going on in other parts of the world. It’s quite fascinating because of the voyeuristic element involved but also surreal because it compresses time-space.

Something is happening right at the moment elsewhere and you are a witness to it. It is real but since it’s only an image, you tend to question its verity a little more than what you see with your eyes. Sometimes I can’t bear to look away from the screen because I’m always expecting something to happen just that moment, maybe a car accident or a cute girl would enter into the frame.

It’s these thoughts that make this screensaver (and surveillance) quite an intriguing process.

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Missionary Discussions in an Honest World

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Doing my daily reading I found this article written by "Brigham Y666g" on the Mormon Curtain. I loved it, and wanted to share it. There are tons more articles about missions and any other topic you might like to read about. Here is the link.

First discussion:
  • Multiple accounts of the first vision
  • Discussion of no report of the first vision until long after it occurred
  • Joseph Smith’s money digging trial
  • View of the Hebrews
  • Changes to the Book of Mormon
  • Bad grammar in the first edition
  • DNA, archaeological, anthropological, geographical, and linguistic evidence that disproves the Book of Mormon
  • Joseph Smith’s banking fraud
  • The Kinderhook plates fraud
  • Book of Abraham fraud
Second discussion:
  • New Testament written long after the events by people who never knew Jesus
  • Historical doubts about the existence of Jesus
  • Borrowed myths that have been incorporated into the Jesus myth
Third discussion:
  • Discussion of evolution and how Genesis consists of borrowed myths
  • Discussion of the borrowed myths and outright lies in the Old Testament
Fourth discussion:
  • Joseph Smith’s and Brigham Young’s polygamous marriages including sending husbands on missions in order to marry their wives, and marriages to pregnant wives of other men
  • Joseph Smith’s affair with Fanny Alger and creating the concept of polygamy after being caught in other adulterous relationships
  • The commandment from modern day prophets to marry before graduating from college and having as many children as possible
  • High levels of depression, suicide, and bankruptcy in the Mormon Church
  • Expectation to serve a mission at own expense
Fifth discussion:
  • Show a video that containing all of the temple ceremonies from beginning to end including the now missing blood oaths and initiatories covering by a small sheet
  • Full comparison of Mormon temple cult ceremony to the Masonic cult ceremony
  • Explanation of Joseph Smith’s “revelation” concerning the temple ceremonies just weeks after being exposed to the Masonic cult ceremony including absolute lack of temple cult ceremony in the Kirtland temple
  • Discussion of tithing and how often this commandment leads to bankruptcy
  • Disclosure of the church’s financial statements
  • Mountain Meadows Massacre and Brigham Young framing his adopted son, John Lee, for the murders
  • The Hoffman scandal and Hinckley’s role in the cover up
  • Hinckley’s duplicity on common Mormon doctrine
  • Disclosure concerning purchasing malls, ranches, etc.
  • Discussion of the Word of Wisdom and how it is incorrect in some respects based on modern medical science
Sixth discussion:
  • Invitation to be baptized
Additionally, these factors should be the only material allowed to be taught in Sacrament Meeting, Primary, Sunday School, Priesthood, Relief Society, Conference talks, firesides, Institute, religion classes at BYU, Seminary, and in ALL church approved publications.

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I'm Not Praying Hard Enough

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When I was a youngster, I was asked to read the Book of Mormon and pray for a spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon was true. I would feel a warmth in my heart, a burning in my bosom, or a warm and fuzzy feeling. I never got that spiritual witness. Not once. What does that mean?

If a warm-fuzzy feeling means truth, then the absence of that feeling should mean the opposite, right? Not according to some of my friends.

I was told that I wasn't praying hard enough. I should fast for 24 hours and pray. Read the Book of Mormon and pray again and again for its truthfulness to be shown to me from the Holy Ghost. One of my friends even insisted that I wasn't getting a spiritual witness because I had sinned in some way and I needed to repent. I haven't done anything wrong. I don't even drink!

Does it occur to any of these people that I might be right? No. Sure doesn't.

Needless to say, all the Mormons in my life are convinced that I am doing something wrong... whether it's not praying hard enough, attending church meetings, or fasting. As someone said on the PostMormon board this morning, "Whats the deal with fasting anyway?"

Does God listen more to people who are fasting? Does a rumbling belly get his attention? If you pray for someone's health and not fast, will it be the same as if you did? Does God answer your prayers more if you starve yourself? What sense does that make?

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45 Points Of A False Religion

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I came across this list on the Mormon Curtain this morning, and I wanted to share it. Unfortunately, the person who created this list is unknown, so proper credit can't be given to the author. Whoever took the time to do it did a fantastic job.

This arose as a counter argument to the lists that supposedly list the points that make the church true. The LDS church does not have a shred of evidence to support its claims. On the contrary everything screams that it is all a lie.
  1. Changing accounts regarding the first vision.
  2. Lack of reports in the local press about Joseph Smith prior to 1830 even though he claims that he was subjected to substantial pressure from the church communities around him. Religious news was readily reported in the local press meaning if there really had been a first vision it would have been reported prior to 1830.
  3. Joseph Smith's association with folk magic (i.e. divining rods).
  4. Joseph Smith's "money digging" and attempts to avoid legitimate employment.
  5. Similarities between Joseph Smith's accounts of uncovering the gold plates and the writings of Solomon Spaulding.
  6. Similarities between the Book of Mormon and "View of the Hebrews" and several other books of the period.
  7. Portions of the Book of Mormon that quote the New Testament prior to the writing of the KJV of the New Testament.
  8. Changes to the KJV by Joseph Smith that have not been supported by documents that have been subsequently uncovered (i.e. The Dead Sea Scrolls and biblical texts that are older than the sources utilized by the KJV translators).
  9. The Kinderhook plates and Joseph Smith's "translation" of the fraudulent characters.
  10. The changing locations of the supposed Hill Cumorah in spite of recorded statements from Joseph Smith and others to the contrary. (i.e. Zelph the white Lamanite and his participation in the last battle, and the ancient Manti supposedly being located in Randolph County, Missouri).
  11. The Book of Abraham and the total lack of comparison to the papyrus.
  12. Joseph Smith's "Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar" and proof of this alphabet being bogus.
  13. Joseph Smith's prophecy concerning the Civil War was predated by discussion in the popular press stating the same thing.
  14. Unfulfilled prophecy concerning building of temple in Independence (the date for that has long since passed).
  15. Unfulfilled prophecy regarding Second Coming in reference to Joseph Smiths age (the time frame for that is long passed).
  16. Lack of DNA evidence concerning the peoples in the Book of Mormon.
  17. Book of Mormon denouncing polygamy and initially the Doctrine in Covenants. D & C changed to accommodate polygamy.
  18. Joseph Smith concealing polygamous marriages from Emma. In some instances even performing a second ceremony so that Emma would not know that he had already been married to certain individuals.
  19. Joseph Smith putting time pressure on women to marry him.
  20. Joseph Smith through the vehicle of "revelation" threatening Emma with destruction if she did not accept polygamy.
  21. Joseph Smith using the vehicle of "revelation" in the form of supposed blessings for accepting and cursing for rejecting proposals for polygamous marriages.
  22. Joseph Smith marrying women that had husbands still living.
  23. Joseph Smith sending individuals on missions that may have opposed plural marriages.
  24. Brigham Young using manipulative tactics to obtain polygamous marriages.
  25. Over 200 polygamous marriages being performed after 1890. One as late as 1907.
  26. The churches denial of post manifesto polygamous marriages until it was revealed to the general public to a degree that they could not deny.
  27. Joseph Smith denying that polygamy was being practiced until the 1840's.
  28. FARMS and the church "spinning" evidence and the Book of Mormon account to fit the current evidence.
  29. Gordon Hinckley and Dallin Oaks concealing evidence in the Hoffman case.
  30. Dallin Oaks stating that it is acceptable to not tell the truth when it casts the church or its leaders in a bad light. What about the temple recommend interview question? "Are you honest in all of your dealings?"
  31. Church history being presented in a one-sided fashion and many times in a totally dishonest fashion.
  32. The church's censure of BYU faculty and other individuals who produce works that are truthful, albeit casting the church in a bad light (i.e. concerning church history, research concerning the Book of Mormon, etc.).
  33. Gordon Hinckley lying to the press about the church's doctrinal stands on polygamy and the divine potential of human kind.
  34. The temple endowments plagiarism from Masonic ceremonies, which by the way have been shown to have originated from other places and times than most members are led to believe (not the temple in Jerusalem).
  35. The macabre penalties that were removed from the temple ceremony.
  36. The changes to the Book of Mormon (i.e. "he was a going" hardly sounds like the work of an all knowing God).
  37. Unfulfilled prophecy from Brigham Young concerning blacks and when they would receive the priesthood.
  38. The teaching that when blacks and Lamanites repent they are supposed to become a white (changed recently to "fair") and delightsome people. I have lived around many church members who are either African-Americans or "Lamanites" and their skin color does not change even after many years in the faith. Their descendents skin does not change either. People living closer to the equator have darker skin than those closer to the poles, indicating an environmental cause for the pigmentation differences.
  39. Reliance on circumstantial evidence in current members lives as "proof" the church is true.
  40. When faced with the crushing evidence against the Book of Mormon, we are encouraged to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, both of which can and in billions of cases have caused faulty conclusions, i.e. Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam. If the answer is still in the negative then it is our fault and we need to pray again.
  41. Treatment of members that is in line with the way that cults treat members. Building your own testimony by bearing your own testimony (this is brainwashing).
  42. The teaching that if someone does not believe they need to read more. Again brainwashing. For instance, we don't need to keep rereading Boyle's gas laws to re-convince ourselves that they are true.
  43. Manipulating, trying to induce guilt, trying to induce fear of loss of blessings, and trying to induce fear of being cursed within those who no longer believe (unethical and immoral). If these tactics were employed in a secular organization there would be serious legal action leveled, and you would lose in court.
  44. The church's paranoia about the truth. The truth will stand for itself. If the truth is being suppressed and twisted then you are dealing with a fraudulent organization

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Singing Kittens

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You have to watch these cute kittens sing. When you get to the first page, fill in your name and gender. Then wait patiently for the kittens to warm up. It's worth the wait. Wait. I honestly laughed and "Awwwww"ed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Don't deny it... you want to see it. Click the photo. Do it. DO IT!!!!

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Abandoned Amusement Parks

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Many of you know I spent almost 8 years working in theme parks in Orlando. I have always been a fan of Amusement Parks, and when I saw these photos of abandoned Amusement Parks I wanted to share them. I really hope to visit one of these abandoned places one day and get some photos of my own! For the full article, click on any of the photos!

Southern Korean island of Geoje holds the remains of Okpo Land park.

Chippewa Lake in Ohio

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The Book of Abraham

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When I first began my PostMormon journey, I was struck by some things I learned about the Book of Abraham (BoA). According to Joseph Smith, it is a translation of some ancient records, purporting to be the writings of Abraham, while he was in Egypt, called the Book of Abraham, written on his own hand upon papyrus.

According to Wikipedia, the BoA was originally published in the Latter-Day Saint movement newspaper Times and Seasons, together with facsimiles of vignettes from the papyrus and Smith’s explanations of them. It was later republished in England as part of the Pearl of Great Price and is presently considered scripture for the Mormon Faith. I would like to take a closer look at the BoA, how it became scripture, and what present-day scientists and Egyptologists say about the Book of Abraham and Joseph’s translation of the papyri.

In July of 1835, Michael Chandler, an Irishman, was traveling through Kirtland, Ohio with an exhibition of four Egyptian mummies and papyri. Prophet and seer Joseph Smith was given permission to look at the papyri scrolls in the exhibit, and he pronounced a marvelous discovery.

“…with W. W. Phelps and Oliver Cowdery as scribes, I commence the translation of some of the characters or hieroglyphics, and much to our joy found that one of the rolls contained the writings of Abraham, another the writings of Joseph of Egypt, etc. - a more full account of which will appear in its place, as I proceed to examine or unfold them. Truly we can say, the Lord is beginning to reveal the abundance of peace and truth." (History of the Church, Vol. 2, p. 236).”
Joseph Smith set about translating the papyri and again, according to Wiki: “Joseph Smith translated the majority of the Book of Abraham text in July and a few days in November of 1835 and did some minor revisions in March of 1842. In addition, he began "...translating an alphabet to the Book of Abraham, and arranging a grammar of the Egyptian language as practiced by the ancients."

Lets take a look at the different facsimiles as translated by Joseph Smith, and then by Egyptologists.

Joseph’s Interpretation of Facsimile 1

Fig. 1. The Angel of the Lord.
Fig. 2. Abraham fastened upon an altar.
Fig. 3. The idolatrous priest of Elkenah attempting to offer up Abraham as a sacrifice.
Fig. 4. The altar for sacrifice by the idolatrous priests, standing before the gods of Elkenah, Libnah, Mahmackrah, Korash, and Pharaoh.
Fig. 5. The idolatrous god of Elkenah.
Fig. 6. The idolatrous god of Libnah.
Fig. 7. The idolatrous god of Mahmackrah.
Fig. 8. The idolatrous god of Korash.
Fig. 9. The idolatrous god of Pharaoh.
Fig. 10. Abraham in Egypt.
Fig. 11. Designed to represent the pillars of heaven, as understood by the Egyptians.
Fig. 12. Raukeeyang, signifying expanse, or the firmament over our heads; but in this case, in relation to this subject, the Egyptians meant it to signify Shaumau, to be high, or the heavens, answering to the Hebrew word, Shaumahyeem.

Egyptologist’s Interpretation of Facsimile 1

Richard A. Parker, Wilbour Professor of Egyptology and Chairman of the Department of Egyptology at Brown University:
"This is a well-known scene from the Osiris mysteries, with Anubis, the jackal-headed god, on the left ministering to the dead Osiris on the bier. The penciled restoration is incorrect. Anubis should be jackal-headed. The left arm of Osiris is in reality lying at his side under him. The apparent upper hand is part of the wing of a second bird which is hovering over the erect phallus of Osiris (now broken away). The second bird is Isis and she is magically impregnated by the dead Osiris and then later gives birth to Horus who avenges his father and takes over his inheritance. The complete bird represents Nephthys, sister to Osiris and Isis. Beneath the bier are the four canopic jars with heads representive of the four sons of Horus, human-headed Imseti, baboon-headed Hapy, jackal-headed Duamutef and falcon-headed Kebehsenuf. The hieroglyphs refer to burial, etc. ...."

Klaus Baer, Associate Professor of Egyptology at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Insitiute:

"The vignette on P. JS I is unusual, but parallels exist on the walls of the Ptolemaic temple of Egypt, the closest being the scenes in the Osiris chapels on the roof of the Temple of Dendera. The vignette shows the resurrection of Osiris (who is also the deceased owner of the papyrus) and the conception of Horus. Osiris (2) is represented as a man on a lion-couch (4) attended by Anubis (3), the jackal-headed god who embalmed the dead and thereby assured their resurrection and existence in the hereafter. Below the couch are the canopic jars for the embalmed internal organs. The lids are the four sons of Horus, from the left to right Imset (8), Hapi (7), Qebeh-senuwef (6), and Duwa-mutef (5), who protect the liver, lungs, intestines, and stomach, respectively. At the head of the couch is a small offering stand (10) with a jug and some flowers on it and two larger vases on the ground beside it. The ba of Osiris (1) is hovering above his head.

The versions of Osiris myth differ in telling how Seth disposed of Osiris after murdering him, but he was commonly believed to have cut Osiris into small pieces, which he scattered into the Nile, leaving Isis the task of fishing out and assembling the parts of her brother and husband so that he could be resurrected and beget Horus. In this she was helped by Horus in the shape of a crocodile, who is represented in the water (the zigzags) below the vignette (9). Below that is a decorative pattern derived from the niched facade of a protohistoric Egyptian palace.

There are some problems about restoring the missing parts of the body of Osiris. He was almost certainly represented as ithuphallic, ready to beget Horus, as in many of the other scenes at Dendera. I know of no representations of Osiris on a couch with both hands in front of his face. One would expect only one hand in front of his face, while the other was either shown below the body (impossible in P. JS I) or grasping the phallus. It the latter case it would be hard to avoid the suggestion of Professor Richard A. Parker that what looks like the upper hand of Osiris is actually the wingtip of a representation of Isis as a falcon hovering in the act of copulation."

Joseph’s Interpretation of Facsimile 2

Fig. 1. Kolob, signifying the first creation, nearest to the celestial, or the residence of God. First in government, the last pertaining to the measurement of time. The measurement according to celestial time, which celestial time signifies one day to a cubit. One day in Kolob is equal to a thousand years according to the measurement of this earth, which is called by the Egyptians Jah-oh-eh.
Fig. 2. Stands next to Kolob, called by the Egyptians Oliblish, which is the next grand governing creation near to the celestial or the place where God resides; holding the key of power also, pertaining to other planets; as revealed from God to Abraham, as he offered sacrifice upon an altar, which he had built unto the Lord.
Fig. 3. Is made to represent God, sitting upon his throne, clothed with power and authority; with a crown of eternal light upon his head; representing also the grand Key-words of the Holy Priesthood, as revealed to Adam in the Garden of Eden, as also to Seth, Noah, Melchizedek, Abraham, and all to whom the Priesthood was revealed.
Fig. 4. Answers to the Hebrew word Raukeeyang, signifying expanse, or the firmament of the heavens; also a numerical figure, in Egyptian signifying one thousand; answering to the measuring of the time of Oliblish, which is equal with Kolob in its revolution and in its measuring of time.
Fig. 5. Is called in Egyptian Enish-go-on-dosh; this is one of the governing planets also, and is said by the Egyptians to be the Sun, and to borrow its light from Kolob through the medium of Kae-e-vanrash, which is the grand Key, or, in other words, the governing power, which governs fifteen other fixed planets or stars, as also Floeese or the Moon, the Earth and the Sun in their annual revolutions. This planet receives its power through the medium of Kli-flos-is-es, or Hah-ko-kau-beam, the stars represented by numbers 22 and 23, receiving light from the revolutions of Kolob.
Fig. 6. Represents this earth in its four quarters.
Fig. 7. Represents God sitting upon his throne, revealing through the heavens the grand Key-words of the Priesthood; as, also, the sign of the Holy Ghost unto Abraham, in the form of a dove.
Fig. 8. Contains writings that cannot be revealed unto the world; but is to be had in the Holy Temple of God.
Fig. 9. Ought not to be revealed at the present time.
Fig. 10. Also.
Fig. 11. Also. If the world can find out these numbers, so let it be. Amen.
Figures 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 will be given in the own due time of the Lord.

Egyptologist’s Interpretation of Facsimile 2

The facsimile no. 2 is a copy of a hypocephalus, an Egyptian funerary amulet that is placed under the head of the deceased. Its purpose was to keep the head warm.

Sir Wallis Budge, a world renowned Egyptologist, remarked that Joseph Smith's translation of the hypocephalus had "... no archeological value." (The Mummy, A Handbook of Egyptian Funerary Archeology, by E.A. Wallis Budge, 1989, [first published in 1893], by Dover Publications, Inc., New York, pg. 477.

Facsimile No. 2 has obviously been altered from the original. Missing portions of the facsimile were copied from other pieces of the papyri Joseph Smith had purchased in 1835. The central figure labeled (1) by Joseph Smith appears to have been copied from figure 2 of the same facsimile. Normally the a four headed Amen-Re appears in this location. Furthermore, figure 3 is an almost exact copy from the Joseph Smith Papyri IV. Also, portions of the outer circle of the facsimile appear to have been copied from the Sensen text of the Joseph Smith papyri XI. The Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar clearly shows these missing portions. Also, the Sensen (Book of Breathings) text lines up with the border of facsimile no. 2.

Again, Joseph didn’t get it right. It’s an ancient funerary text, and it certainly has nothing to do with Kolob the planet. Also, Smith mentions that Fig. 7 is supposedly God sitting on his throne. Egyptologists deny this as well. The figure depicted is actually the God “Min” who is a sexually aroused male deity. In some of the earlier editions of the Book of Adam the Church erased the aroused manhood so it wouldn’t look pornographic. It has since been restored in our current versions.

Joseph’s Interpretation of Facsimile 3
Fig. 1. Abraham sitting upon Pharaoh’s throne, by the politeness of the king, with a crown upon his head, representing the Priesthood, as emblematical of the grand Presidency in Heaven; with the scepter of justice and judgment in his hand.
Fig. 2. King Pharaoh, whose name is given in the characters above his head.
Fig. 3. Signifies Abraham in Egypt as given also in Figure 10 of facsimile no. 1.
Fig. 4. Prince of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, as written above the hand.
Fig. 5. Shulem, one of the king’s principal waiters, as represented by the characters above his hand.
Fig. 6. Olimlah, a slave belonging to the prince.

Abraham is reasoning upon the principles of Astronomy, in the king’s court.

Egyptologist’s Interpretation of Facsimile 3

Here is a direct quote from Egyptologist Klaus Baer from Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Autumn 1968, pp. 126-127:
Facsimile No. 3 shows a man (5) his hand raised in adoration and a cone of perfumed grease and a lotus flower on his head (ancient Egyptian festival attire), being introduced by Maat (4), the goddess of justice, and Anubis (6), the guide of the dead, into the presence of Osiris (1), enthroned as king of the Netherworld. Behind Osiris stands Isis (2), and in front of him is an offering-stand (3) with a jug and some flowers on it. Over the whole scene is a canopy with stars painted on it to represent the sky.

The scene comes from a mortuary papyrus and is similar to, but not identical with the scenes showing judgement of the deceased before Osiris such as P. JS III. It is a summary in one illustration of what the Breathing Permit promised: The deceased, after successfully undergoing judgement is welcomed into the presence of Osiris.

The texts, poorly copied as they are, carry us one step further. As far as it can be made out, the line of hieroglyphics below the scene reads.
'O Gods of ..., gods of Caverns, gods of the south, north, west, and east, grant well-being to Osiris Hor, justified, ...'

The characters above and to the left of the man are probably to be read: 'Osiris Hor, justified forever.' Even though Hor is a relatively common name in Greco-Roman Egypt, this does suggest 'Facsimile No. 3' reproduces part of the same manuscript that 'Facsimile No. 2' does. Hor's copy of the Breathing Permit would then have had two vignettes, one at the beginning and another ('Facsimile No. 3) at the end, an arrangement that is found in other copies of the same text."

Joseph Smith wasn’t even close. Again, how could a prophet of God get this wrong? Finally, here are some videos on YouTube about the BoA. Check 'em out. The last video is almost an hour long, but well worth watching.

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Sunday Secrets!

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Don't forget to check out PostSecret!

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Same Picture, Another Day

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I thought it might be cool to show the 2 photos that I shot in the same spot. The first one was taken today, the 2nd a couple months ago.

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Ducks and Diet Coke

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Today was pretty interesting. I had a job interview that I think went very well, I hope they will call me back for the 2nd interview. No doubt I will have another drug test to take in order to be hired, and there is nothing worse for me. I have never been able to pee on command. It's impossible. Last time I took a drug test I downed 4 glasses of water in the morning, and I still had that poor nurse waiting around for a whole hour because of my stupid shy bladder. Too much information... I know... I know... just rambling, I'm good at that.

After the interview roomie and I took a little drive up Logan Canyon and took some photos of the ducks and scenery. Every time I go there I get mad at myself for forgetting to bring bread or crackers... something to feed them. When I got to one of the docks all the ducks swam to me quickly thinking I had brought them some tasty treats. I felt bad. I hope I don't come back as a duck in my next life. I would be swimming around praying that some kind human is going to bring me diet coke.

My Mom and I made plans to go to Wendover, Nevada for her birthday. It's the first time going to a casino and being old enough to gamble. I don't have much money, it's going to kill me to throw quarters into a machine and mentally will the machine to give me my money back... hopefully I will win the big jackpot so I can build my log cabin in the woods.

Yesterday roomie and I gave all three cats a bath. That was fun. Poor Buddha Belly was scared out of her fluffy mind. I couldn't get over how skinny they all looked with their hair wet. Spooky reminded me of a rat. Now they are all nice, clean, soft, and they smell good. Now every time they hear me run the water in the bathtub they look at me with their eyes wide open in horror that they will get another one. Abbey scratched the hell out of my arm, I was worried that the person I was interviewing with today would think I was a cutter.

Here are some of the photos I took at the canyon. They are definitely not my favorite, but cute and worth sharing. Hope you like 'em.


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Lyndon Lamborn's Excommunication

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I found something interesting on PostMormon.org today. A good man by the name of "Utater" posted links to these YouTube videos.

The videos are of Lyndon Lamborn's excommunication hearing, or "Court of Love." (Court of Love my ass!)

Anyway, the videos are very telling, and show exactly what would happen if you went to one of these courts.

Lyndon Lamborn did an amazing job of standing up for something that is right. He was brave, calm, and had respect for those who were judging him even though they showed only a little respect for his position. If you disagree with the Mormon Church, and talk about it you are a threat. They don't like threats.

Here are the videos:

Oops... let me just leave the links this time!!




Check them out... they are fantastic.

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Someone Really Likes His Bacon

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Boredom struck around 12:30, and I went online on my lunch break. The person who used the computer ahead of me left this nifty page up... I guess he really likes Bacon. Here are some of the things he was looking at...

For all those mornings when you have to drag yourself out of bed and into the car. Just say no to pine trees! Our Bacon Air Fresheners features sizzling images and enticing aromas! Each one measures about 4" (10.2 cm) and comes with a string for hanging. Price $3.99

Let’s face it, mainstream gift wrap has lost its edge. More often than not, you end up wrapping your gift in yesterday’s comics and that’s just unacceptable. Start wrapping in style! Our line of exciting gift wrap features unique artwork sure to make your present stand out among the crowd. Two 20" x 30" (50.8 cm x 76.2 cm) sheets of quality wrapping paper in each bag. Price $4.99

Boo-boos come in all sizes. Some only need a wee bandage, while others require something a little more substantial. Each 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) tall metal tin contains two sizes of latex-free, vinyl, adhesive bandages (seven 3" (7.6 cm) long bacon strips, seven 1-1/2" (3.8 cm) fried eggs) with sterile gauze and a FREE TOY to take your mind off of the excruciating pain Price $4.99

Ouch! That smarts! Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of a designer bandage from Accoutrements. And if a fancy bandage isn’t enough to dry up your tears, how about a FREE TOY! Each comes in a 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) tall metal pocket tin and contains a small plastic trinket to help make even the ouchiest owies feel all better in no time. The 3" x 1" (7.6 cm x 2.5 cm) Bacon Strips are cut to look like small slabs of bacon. Fifteen per tin Price $4.99

After seeing those objects, I couldn't help but wonder what other bacon items I could find. A co-worker sat next to me and helped me out... here is what we found:

Bacon Flavored Coffee


This almost sounds too good to be true - Boca Java make a coffee named Maple Bacon Morning. What a way to start the day.

Bacon Scented Candles


Not just bacon - but the whole package you need for a BLT flavor - bacon, tomato and lettuce candles. And don't let the aroma stop when you leave the house - fill your car with flavor with the bacon-scented air freshener.

Bacon Salt


The description of this just about sums up everything you need to know: "Bacon Salt is a zero-calorie vegetarian, kosher certified seasoning salt that makes everything taste like real bacon". Image to be included in Wikipedia next to the entry describing Nirvana (the state of mind, not the band). Almost as good as Bacon-Flavored Spray.

Bacon-flavored Mints


If you're out with your lover, slip one of these in your mouth after eating to retain that luscious bacon scented breath that drives them wild.

Bacon Flavored Chocolate


You've probably heard about Mo's Bacon Bar - the bacon flavored chocolate which has been blogged about extensively (and having tried it myself, I can confirm that it's a wondrous miz of chocolate and bacon goodness) So for an alternative, try Zotter Bacon Bits, caramelized crispy bacon, coated with chocolate and hazlenut nougat.

Bacon Scented Bubbles


Be a friend to your doggy, watch the kids go wild. all the fun you can have with a bubble maker that dispenses bacon-scented bubbles.

Bacon-flavored Beer


It's not actually advertised as such, but apparently Rauchbier tastes an awful lot like our favorite food group.

Bacon-flavored Water


I've searched high and low for bacon-flavored soda (seems like something Jones Soda should make, right?) but until that comes along, here's the next best thing, bacon-flavored water. So, OK, it's meant for your dog, but whatever.

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks


I see no reason why, after you've eaten a plateful of bacon, washed down with bacon beer, and finished with bacon flavored ice cream and chocolate, the porky goodness should end there. So even as you leave the restaurant, dig for those last morsels of goodness with these bacon-flavored toothpicks.

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