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I made a YouTube video a long time ago listing my favorite atheist quotes and cartoons, and an LDS gentleman started leaving me comments. I thought you guys would like to read the comments, so here they are. I changed the guy's name (YouTube username) because I thought I should keep him as anonymous as possible... well, as anonymous as you can get online nowadays...

I will highlight his annoying arrogance (according to me).

Mormon Gentleman:

You did in a sense misquote Einstein. He was not against religion and a general belief in a God or higher being. However in general, your video was fine (for atheists, I'm LDS, and was quite offended by it). The only thing I hate about some atheists (and I mean no offence), is they consider them selves high and mighty to say a person who believes in a God is dumb and can't make decisions without advice. If you do make another video, it would be nice if you left that out. :)


So sorry you were offended by my video, or the quotes in it, but let me be the first to say that there are MANY beliefs in the LDS faith that are MORE than offensive to me.



Milk Before Meat
Baptism for the Dead

Guess we will just have to keep on offending each other. As for the quotes, I got them from a quote website and copied them as is. Even if they are misquotes or incomplete, I agree with the message they give... therefore they stay.

Mormon Gentleman:

Im just opinionating what I think you should change.Hell, one thing I cant understand about some atheists is they think we dont make our own choices. Same thing goes for the government then!Once you become military you basically sign over your rights. If you want to get a point through to the people you are trying to "help", act humble and give credit and discredit to both sides.
Well listen, Ive said what Ove said, and I don't intend my channel to be used for this. Even though you and I could argue forever about what's right and wrong, you stop a fight by not participating anymore. I do not intend to offend you, niether. That's another thing. Atheists say history proves religion is evil while they continue to fight and offend us while most of us don't fight back! And what does that prove? You're literally doing what religion did in the middle ages!

Why would I take offense to someone claiming that some atheists consider themselves high and mighty when SO MANY religious people act the exact same way?

Funny how that works, isn't it?

I will keep what I think I should keep. You might think it would be nice for me to check in with people before I make my videos, but that's not really something I'm interested in.

Thanks for watching.
Mormon Gentleman:

Its also sad how it works too, and I hope you keep yourself humble.

In my opinion, it's only the leader of a religion that acts high and mighty, while members of said religion will act more humble towards others

Heck, I don't agree or disagree with you. As far as Im concerned, where there is good, there is evil, and even a completely Atheistic world would have both, but we don't know how much.

I hope you know Einstein wasn't atheist. That is just assumed, since most atheists believe (in my opinion) that they are the only ones who make any scientific progress. He was very active and believed in a God.

I hope you have found great peace in your choice friend even though I dont agree completely with you :)

I don't think my church is perfect, and Im not in 100% in agreement with entire religious doctrine, but I do think there is a reason behind this universe, and that reason was not empty space with millions of molecules coming together in an explosion, something made that happen.

If you don't think your church is perfect, why do you believe in it?

Just curious.

I mean, take it from a girl who grew up in the church, then seriously studied church history and doctrine only to be blindsided by things the church kept from me:

There is more evidence that the LDS church isn't what it claims to be than evidence for the belief in it's doctrine.
What is it that makes you so sure the LDS faith is correct... and the feeling you get when you pray doesn't count.

Real evidence.

If a church who claims to have a prophet of God has such serious problems, what would it take to convince you that the prophet isn't a prophet at all?

I'm not trying to say that you have to believe in evolution or even answer my questions.. I'm just curious about the answers.

Wouldn't God go to his prophet and say, "Monson... this isn't right. You need to do this, say this, put money where it should go, apologize for this old doctrine." Yet none of that happens... Why?

Let's take just one example of the thousands that I could choose:

God: Monson, we need to go to the people of the world and tell them I never once said black skin was a curse from me. I never once said that black skin on the earth was because the devil needed representation on the earth (as a prophet once stated).

We need to apologize for the racist statements and admit our past prophets were wrong. We need to make public amends.

Wouldn't a kind God do/say this?
Would a kind and loving God have ANYTHING to do with the racism that came out of the church in its early days?

Doesn't the belief that God actually DID say these things scream "God's a racist" to you?" I know the answer to that question is probably "no," because I was trained to think the same thing... but it IS racist.

According to the church, God has a mouthpiece on the earth. If He wants us to join the true church, why doesn't he utilize that mouthpiece and clear things up?

You think members of the LDS faith, including the leaders of the church are humble?

Is being totally convinced that they are right and everyone else is wrong... to the point that they take dead people and baptize them after they die without permission of family of said deceased person humble?

That is the opposite of humble.

A man claiming to be a prophet of God, without any proof of his being a prophet of God, and telling his church members to do as he says isn't humble either.

Religion can be evil.

The crusades

COUNTLESS other examples...

"Atheists say history proves religion is evil," isn't a true statement. We claim religion can be evil. There is historical evidence to this. Religion molds the minds of the believers, to the point that they are willing to do anything their leaders say.

If Monson asked you to do something, would you do it? I mean, he's a prophet of God to you, right? Why would or wouldn't you?

If you don't want to continue the discussion, thats fine. I just don't think you understand where atheists are coming from. You lump us all in together, much like you think we lump all religious people together.

The complaints most people have about atheists can be said about the people complaining. Just saying.

Members of a religion do as their leader instructs, sometimes without thought.

Are you saying that your church leaders are not humble? I would agree with you, but I'm just curious.

I think that I dodged his arrogance pretty well... he had no idea how condescending he was... it was hilarious to me... then again, I might come off the same way, at least I recognize that.