Ever Wonder if those Turkeys on the Magazine Covers are Real?

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Pick up any editorial magazine on the newsstand and you're likely to see a real, fully cooked turkey on the cover. I love the fact that most of the turkeys photographed are real -- crispy burnt edges and all. However, look at that ad selling stuffing or stemware and most likely that turkey has been partially cooked and painted. Yes, I said painted. But don't freak out, it's all edible, although Tamari-tinted Turkey probably won't be a hit with your guests. Believe it or not, people freak out when they see a real turkey but feel slightly comforted when they see a perfectly shaped, light brown specimen. Gotta give the peeps what they want.

For the rest of this awesome article check out MattBites.com. He cooks, he's into photography, and he rocks. 2 thumbs up.