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Welcome to my blog, it's going to be a little of this and a little of that. Nothing fancy, just stuff that's on my mind or random things on the net I find interesting.

A little about myself. I was born and raised in Utah, and yes... I was raised a Mormon. I began researching Mormonism a few months ago when I moved back to the state after a 7 year stay in Orlando, Florida. There are many things about Mormonism that anger me now that I know the truth about the Church's past. Blogging about it should help the process along... at least I hope it does.

I live with a roommate, he lived with me in Orlando as well. We both decided to move to Utah after the crime in Orlando got closer and closer to where we lived. My car was broken into twice, my tires were slashed by a crazy apartment complex neighbor, and we got sick and tired of working in theme parks.

I have 3 cats. I never considered myself a "cat person" but I love them very much. 2 of the three cats were rescued from abusive situations. Abbey Road was our first kitten. She was found under a truck on Halloween night of '06 almost beaten to death. A nice woman took her into the humane society, and they gave her the surgeries she needed to survive. We adopted her 3 weeks later, and she is very sweet and she loves to sing.

Abbey Road, left. Spooky Bear, right.

Spooky Bear was our second kitten... she was rescued from an animal hoarder. The humane society told us that only 12 of the 60 cats were adoptable and the rest were put to sleep. I am very thankful that Spooks is with us today.

The last and final member of our furry family is Buddha Belly. She was given to us from my brother. Buddha is the sweetest kitten I have ever seen. She loves to eat, and will sit on your lap and purr for hours at a time. We have been keeping Buddha Belly a secret to our apartment complex so they don't charge us any more money. Rent is killing us enough as it is.

I suppose that is enough for now. This blog will be totally random, and I hope people read it and enjoy it. I love comments, please leave me some.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    this is not a comment to 'welcome to windy Sydney'
    I just wanted to suggest you to read seriously the bible without any prejudices. The New Testament is more important I guess.
    There are some things that I think you would like to read ;)

  1. Sydney Says:

    I appreciate your opinion, but I am quite happy with what I believe and the journey I am on.

    Good luck to you.