What Was Your "Ah-Ha" Moment? Cont.

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I asked many of my online buddies if I could use their "Ah-Ha" moments yesterday, and the replies keep coming in. Here is another list of "Ah-Ha" moments that caused us to realize the Mormon Church wasn't true.

It was when I found out about the BoA fraud and also JS's First Vision rewrites. I sort of knew in my heart of hearts before that time that it was all a lie, but I really woke up when I started delving into the facts for the first time in my life just about 5 yrs. ago. It was very painful. I was in despair and physically and emotionally out of whack for a few days when I finally admitted to myself that my life was based on a huge bed of lies. I felt like I was being buried alive. (although I technically have no idea what that's like). -DoubleX

It was the moment I found out that Joseph Smith wasn't honest with his wife about his polygamy. This called into question everything the man had ever claimed. One second I was looking out at the world like I always had, the next second I was looking at the church from a different perspective and it seemed no different than any other church. -MishMagnet

My "AH-HAH" moment was learning that someone could drink coffee, stop attending church, decline callings, and still keep their temple card...but if they stopped paying their TITHING, the temple privilege would be removed...????-Crissy

My breaking point happened about 6 months before I actually left. I was very unhappy and I was forced to think about why. I was alone, driving home from work and I realized that I didn't want to live with God after I died, since "heaven" would be a horrible place with polygamy, a second rate status for me- a female, rules upon rules, and God seemed like a pretty big jerk- from my morg standpoint. But instantly my real self ( vs my morg brainwashing) kicked in and I knew from other evidence, that God is not a jerk. I surmised my view of God was skewed, and concluded something had to change. I went to the church resources to help me make sense of things ( what a joke) and discovered there were no answers- and I shouldn't really ask those questions. I researched on line for any information to help me understand. Imagine my surprise at finding out about the Book of Abraham, DNA studies and a whole host of other things. I think I had mini Ah-ha moments the whole time I was in, I just shelved them. Reading the book Guns, Germs and Steel was a big one for me, since it disproves the BOM with out ever addressing religion at all. -Red Pill