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Okay, I admit it... I have watched nearly every episode of this season's, "The Bachelor." It's not because I am a hopeless romantic (I don't think I am) it's because it's good television. However, there are a few things that get on my nerves...

For those who don't know, The Bachelor is a reality show where a man (or woman with the name change of The Bachelorette) is placed with around 25 women (or men) and they eliminate people one by one until they hopefully propose marriage with the last person standing. So far, only one couple has managed to stay together. They are now expecting their second child.

Each episode ends with the bachelor giving a rose to the women he wants to get to know better. Those without roses go home heartbroken. The span of the show takes place in approximately two months, and I have a hard time thinking that anyone can truly fall in love in that amount of time. I know it's possible, but how much reality is there in a situation where you are followed by cameras and story-producing editors around every corner?

It's my opinion that when these couples get back to a normal life they realize that there wasn't the connection they thought was there. There are no outrageous dates where an entire auditorium is rented just for them and they are serenaded by a famous singer. There are no private yachts, flowing champagne... it's different. They suddenly have to have normal conversation without distractions.

Tonight, the Bachelor chooses his bride. I have seen tons of commercials promising that this seasons ending is something that has never happened before, and that the infamous "after the rose" show was taped with very few people out of respect for those who were dealing with what happened. This should be good.




Please tell me I am wrong.

Please, please, please.

Pretty, pretty please.

Jason proposes to a woman named Melissa, and then after the taping of the show realizes that the magic wasn't in the air for them (shocker). He realizes that he has feelings for the other woman, Molly.

That much didn't shock me... I was expecting something like that with all the teasers and internet gossip.

What shocks me is that if I just heard correctly, he is going to dump Melissa on the stage of the "after the rose" ceremony and then propose to Molly.

This is just hurtful and mean. This young woman was proposed to and became very happy to be engaged to the man she had fallen in love with. Sure, things don't work out... but is there any reason at all to call her up to a stage on national television and dump her? Is there any reason not to give her the information before she gets blindsided like this? She probably won't be too surprised because it seems the relationship wasn't doing well... but it seems that the producers of this show are taking advantage of her reaction and feelings and using them for television ratings.

Thats really fucked up.


I am not the only one who feels this way...

Once team Bachelor learned that Jason wanted to dump Melissa, did they encourage him to do it on-camera rather than in private like a decent human being? I'm sure they did. But he didn't have to say yes. As annoyed as we all may be at the outcome, my friends, the producers were simply doing their job: making good TV.

Jason might be contractually obligated to have a final rose ceremony —
as former Bachelor Brad Womack contests — and he's no doubt obligated to appear on the After the Final Rose special.

He is not, however, contractually obligated to act like an a--hole — I believe he managed to do that all by himself.