Mormon PostSecret

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I love the website.

People from all over the world make homemade postcards with a deep dark secret on it, and mail it anonymously to the owner of this website to share their secret with the world. I love this website so much because it shows that everyone is human. Everyone has made mistakes, everyone has a story.

This is one of the secrets posted today:

I wonder how many people out there find their wedding day to be full of turmoil and pain instead of the day little girls dream about...



  1. purple-goat Says:

    If I get married someday, this is exactly what I'll have to look forward to.

    Ugh. :(

  1. Nicko Says:

    It's a bit sad isn't it? And I have nothing but contempt and empathy for the people who go through this problem.

    As a parent, if my children made the decision to not get married in the temple, I of course would feel subjective disappointment. But to actually ruin your son or daughter's wedding day over it would be ridiculous. That is by no means and by no way valuing them as people nor believing in the twin concepts of hope and unconditional love.

    But then there is the flip side. People also need to recognise that individuals who do get married in the temple have a deep subjective love for what it symbolises. They hold it sacred and their 'day' to sound cliche should not be ruined by people voicing anger for not being able to enter. I've seen that side as well. My parents, bless them, despite being obviously disappointed, were able to recognise the deep meaning that the temple had to my wife and I and respected it by not turning it into a big deal.

    I'm sure others don't have the same pleasure.