They Have The Right To Know

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Why is it, that when we leave the church we are not allowed to discuss the reasons why to our families and friends who are still believers? They immediately turn away from us, convinced that we have been deceived by Satan or that we are being led away from the truth.

It's unfair.

In reality, we are the ones with the truth.

Yes, really.

The other day someone on mentioned that one of his neighbors was investigating the church. He was at a crossroads of what to do. He couldn't stand back and not give them the whole story, because we all know that missionaries don't give accurate descriptions of history or doctrine of the church.

He considered them friends, and he wanted to kindly explain some of the reasons he left.

He called them up on the phone and calmly explained the reason for his call. He wasn't forceful or angry, just polite and HONEST. He told them that if they had any questions for him, an ex-Mormon, to feel free to ask... and ask they did.

After he explained the scientific reasons for leaving, the mind control, the tithing... one thing after another... they saw the complete picture. We don't know if they will join the church or not, but now they have all the information they need to make an educated decision.

People investigating this so-called Church have a right to know these things before they become members. They have the right!!!

When members of the church find out that we have been talking to potential converts, they get angry and claim we are spreading lies to keep people away from the gospel. This is ridiculous.

We have to speak up.

If you had a neighbor/friend who was getting involved in a business scheme that you fell for once in the past, would you stand by and not say anything? Could you?

I couldn't.