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I just got a message from an anonymous poster on my Book of Mormon Reviews article:

the cookies look good... the cats are cute... however i don't think this is funny. i used to think the book of mormon wasn't true... and i prayed for enlightenment... and received it... you may too. don't be angry.

Here is the deal, anonymous:

I am glad you think my cookies and cats look good.

You once considered that the Book of Mormon wasn't true, so you must be somewhat aware of the facts and historical inaccuracies in the so-called scripture. If you are claiming that I didn't pray and follow the normal "protocol" in saving a testimony, you are sadly mistaken.

Do you know how many people believe that they receive spiritual promptings that their individual church is true? How do you know that you are right in your feelings, but they are not right in their's? You don't. You are letting emotions guide you when the facts speak for themselves.

Leaving the church, and doing so with a sense of humor is hard. It's not something people do because they are lazy, sinners, or because they don't pray for this enlightenment.

If you don't think the post is funny, I have to remind you that no one kidnapped you, tied you up with duct tape and forced you to read WindySydney. If you don't like it here, just don't come back... but please don't make comments about how my problems with Mormonism are my fault. My problems are valid. If you don't get that, there isn't much I can do about it. It's just kind of arrogant to assume I am to blame.

Maybe, just maybe... I am right.

Just sayin'.

Now, for the next item on the agenda...

My neighbors. (Yes, anonymous poster... now I am going to sound angry).

My neighbors have been living in the apartment downstairs from me for a few months now. They are, by far, the loudest, noisiest, and most inconsiderate group of people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

Good Gawd.

Here are a couple examples of what we have dealt with over the last few months:
  • The day they moved in (they arrived at 10 pm with a U-Haul) they insisted on plugging in a stereo and blasting music for entertainment while they unloaded the vehicle and moved stuff in. Yes, I know they needed to unpack to a certain degree, but was it necessary to yell and laugh with loud music until 4 am? No.
  • Our apartment complex is a non-Smoking complex. Anyone who wants to smoke has to go to a designated area by the parking lot. Do they follow the rules? No. They leave the apartment, don't get me wrong... but instead of going to the right place they hang out in the stairwell yakking on their cell phones or laughing hysterically at something. The kicker is that my roommate used to smoke, and he was called out as the person who was leaving cigarette butts all over the place. We even received a notice of cease and desist as a heads up for eviction a couple months ago! We did NOTHING.
  • They love the games Rock Star and Guitar Hero. They also like to play them at 3 in the morning at full f-ing blast.
  • It seems as if they know everyone in the city of Logan. There are people streaming in and out of their apartment non-stop. Nothing wrong with that unless you consider the fact that these people are just as loud as they are. The neighbors are bad enough... do we really need to have parties with the entire neighborhood every night?
  • They leave their crap all over the place. Cigarette butts, empty Bud Light bottles, fast food wrappers, and I have yet to see them put their bicycle in the designated area. Instead, the bike stands right in front the stair well. If this bike could talk, it would say, "Andee... come here... trip over me please! I want to break every bone in your body!"
We have complained about these things to our landlord, and they promised they would take the necessary steps to enforce the rules everyone should follow. Unfortunately for us, that did no good. They haven't changed one bit.

Last night I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted after learning about my cousin dying in a car accident. Around 2 am I tried to make my way to the bedroom to sleep. Yeah.. that didn't happen. They left their patio doors open all night long, and when roomie walked down to take a look at what was going on, he saw an entire coffee table covered in beer bottles. There were at least 15 or so people in the apartment, all of them talking loudly and laughing.

All night long they sang, laughed, drank and blasted music. I got 2 hours. TWO.

I just wish they would show some respect to the other people in the building. They really don't give a shit.

I know it was a Saturday, but since when does everyone get to have the weekends off? Some people have to show up to work on Sunday mornings. Some people are in school and need to study and get sleep for exams.




  1. Peter Says:

    Andee, you need a hug right now for a ton of different reasons.
    Please accept this pathetic attempt at cybercare as an honest statement of caring and a promise that things will be ok.
    Especially after you get new neighbors.

  1. Andee Says:

    Thanks, Peter!

    You are kind :)

  1. Julie Says:

    very annoying-- makes me realize my downstairs neighbors are not so bad-

  1. Andee Says:


    I can't wait until I win the lottery so I can build my dream house. A log cabin in the middle of nowhere. No neighbors to deal with!

    Gawd, that would be great, wouldn't it?