A Good Scare

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Every few months I find myself browsing at GhostStudy.com. I have always been interested in the paranormal, but thanks to my now skeptical point of view, I find it harder and harder to believe in ghosts. I guess anything is possible, right? Hmm...

Regardless, these photos and the stories behind them are entertaining and strange. If you want to see more photos, go to GhostStudy.com. They have a HUGE website devoted to all things ghostie. You can also click on any of the photos to magically be transported to the photo source. Hopefully they won't be too upset with me sharing a small portion of the photos here.

Rob writes, "I'm not sure if I already sent this pic to you. I took this photo (DCS03522a) of my kids in front of the Carlyle house in Alexandria Virginia on May 29th. The house was built in 1752. Look at the upper window second from the left. Looks like a figure in the window. The house was closed for tours that day, so no one was in there. These photos were taken with a Sony F717 digital camera.

Call me crazy, but I don't buy this one at ALL. The house was closed for tours, but that does NOT mean there were no workers inside the building. This could easily be a living, breathing janitor for all we know...

There is no story to go along with the girl ghost photos. Looks like old fashioned clothing, doesn't it? All the lace on the collar of the dress? Weird.

I have seen this photo before, and I believe it was taken in a middle school somewhere. They claimed that the ghost was a little boy who died tragically and wanted to return to school. To be honest, this one looks like a shutter speed problem. The kids was there, then he wasn't, and the camera took too long to capture the image. Just a guess.

Jennifer writes, "this picture was taken February, 2002. I had just come from an overnight ghost hunt at an old Inn. We stopped to take pictures at this old cabin, which is used as an old General store. It was closed for the winter season at the time we stopped and I snapped this photo. As you can see, clearly in front of the window is face of some sort."

James writes, "My aunt gave me a digital camera for my birthday and since then my wife and I go to a cemetery to take pictures from the dirt road every so often (mainly because I'm too chicken to go inside in the dark). The cemetery is only about a 1/2 mile from my house and it also has a crematorium. The cemetery was est. in 1874 so it has some old graves. I've gotten 2 pictures of small orbs but nothing like this. To me it looks like the little girl is in a hurry to go somewhere (close-up above, full image below). The only thing is, I went back during the day to take a look and the little girl would have to be only a foot and a half tall. Take a look and tell me what you think."

Roy writes, "I work in law enforcement for a living, but I am an amateur photographer for a hobby. I was taking a picture of an old truck off of Honey Run Road in Chico, California. I swear that I saw nobody inside of this truck when I took this picture. I even walked right up to it. Later when I downloaded the picture onto my computer, I looked closer at what I thought was part of the rear window and it is clearly a face (close-up above, full image below). It appears to be looking right at me when I took this. Your thoughts? I am thoroughly creeped out."

I think that the person telling the story wants us to think he is a cop because people usually trust cops, right? Would a cop lie? Make this up? See!! It has to be true!

Just like the church...



  1. Maelstrom Says:

    That's all a bunch of crap made up by people just seeking attention.

  1. Andee Says:

    I am not going to disagree, Maelstrom. The chance that these photos are of real ghosts are slim to none. It's still pretty creepy to think about. :)

    Before I decided to leave the church I was a believer in this kind of thing as well. I believed in psychics, too. It's weird how my thoughts have changed over the last year or so.

    No more magical thinking.