How Boring It Is

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I tried to watch General Conference this weekend. Really, I tried. Honest. Swear. Promise. I even had the entire weekend off and that is rare.

The first thing I did on Saturday morning was turn on my computer and television. My right thumb was fighting me when my brain gave it directions to change the channel to KBYU. It hovered over the number keys in protest as if to say, "Wha? You kiddin' me?" Nope. Not kidding. I am serious. Serious and insane.

Why would I waste my time? Because a couple of my believing Mormon buddies kept sending me emails promising that there would be some major revelation... something important I needed to hear. I knew better. There is always much gossip about conference beforehand. There is always some major announcement, event, or revelation that God wants us to hear. Why do people keep falling for that?

I didn't last long.

How do people deal with the sheer dullness that is LDS inc.?

At times I was staring at the television screen consciously reminding myself to pay attention. To let their words sink in. To truly listen. Couldn't do it. I am a grown woman who has a fantastic attention span, honest. I can sit down to watch lectures or read scientific studies with no problem. I do that all the time. I love to learn.

I just zoned out. Almost immediately.

General Conference is boring as HELL.

How is it that some of my believing Mormon friends want their small children to dress up in their Sunday best and watching everything? Are you kidding? A grown adult can't even handle it? You expect a kid to be able to sit down and listen to an old white guy talk about how lovely the spirit is?

Every single talk is recycled. The words change (not much) but the message is the same. Every person up there seems like they are having a competition to see who can talk in the most reverent voice, or use words like "exceedingly." Most of the people up on the stand use more words than are truly necessary. It would be fun to see if you could take out every 4th word and still get the same meaning. The more adjectives they use to describe their topic, the better.

Nearly everyone cries at one point. That is par for the course. If you cry, you must be feeling the spirit, and it is therefore proof that you are truly an apostle/prophet/whatever and the church must be true. Yes, my friends, tears=love of the Lord.

It kind of made me wonder how conference was back when old Briggy was in charge...

Now, Brigham Young was a man who wasn't afraid to make a statement. He would go off on these giant tangents about women's duties or men living on the moon... Hell, he even told everyone that Adam was God!

Brigham Young wanted people to know that he spoke with God. If people didn't like his revelation, he wouldn't change it. If the Lord said it, Briggy said it. It didn't matter how wrong, or strange the revelation was, he went with it.

The leaders of the church have learned from Brigham Young. They know fully well what Brigham Young (and many others) told people at conference... and they know that they were not telling the truth.

Quaker like people do not live on the moon.
Adam is not God.
Blood atonement is bad.

If Monson were to get up and actually reveal something that could be proven wrong, all hell would break loose.

So, instead, we are treated to long talks about tithing and placing faith before knowledge (riiight). We are told that women should only have one piercing in their ears. We are told that Mormon mothers should iron their children's clothing to perfection. We are told the same things, over and over and over again.

There is so much going on in the world today. There are wars, children are starving, men and women are dying horrific deaths all over the place. I believe God would have something important to say. I believe that if you could truly talk to the creator, He would give you more direction than "Your future is as bright as your faith."

Lets also take into account how much time is taken up by the constant meetings at LDS Churches/conference. We could be spending that time with our families, assisting the needy and helping the world around us. Why would God want us to sit like drones for hours each week when there is so much that needs to be done???

So, Monson, I challenge you. I challenge you to actually step up and prove you are a prophet of God. Say something that God has said to you. Tell the Saints something that isn't already common sense or common knowledge. If you are a prophet, act like one. Be a seer.

It kills me how many people believe he is a prophet when he hasn't done one thing to prove it. Good lord people...




  1. Elder Joseph Says:

    I already saw this years conference four times before already (Annual and Semi Annual conferences for two years as an investigator/Dry Mormon).

    It's the biggest load of baloney I have ever encountered.

    It's so dreary and the speakers so artificial and just reading pre written scripts which likely have been checked over and over for compliance incase anyone should say something which could prompt a brain cell to start working.

    They have no revelation, nothing whatsover.Just a bunch of play acting nerds who are trying to convince themselves they are who they have told us they are.

    Where is the so called Spirit directing them if they are not allowed to tap into the Spirit at this important time (and anniversary of the Restoration and amazingly the same day Jesus was really Born??)

    Same crappola I heard every Sunday Morning, every Fireside, and every other church meeting for two years.

    If you hate someone enough and want your own back?

    Introduce them to the church! lol

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Unfortunately, thinking is the one main thing they CANNOT do. I think a lot of them have lost that ability all together.

  1. Meredith Says:

    I've been listening to some UU sermons via podcasts and they are far more interesting than anything I ever heard in an LDS chapel.

    I can't imagine 2 days of drivel and crocodile tears.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think conference was great. There were many inspired messages that dealt with today's issues in the world. Now, I agree with you, that there weren't any new revelations, but the conference is not about that. It is about our individual revelations/inspiration we receive as we listen to the messages.

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Why do these people always post anonymously?

    I feel sorry for Mr/Ms Anonymous. TO not know you're being manipulated and brainwashed is a very sorry state indeed.

  1. Andee Says:

    You are right Craig (as usual).

    I think they post anonymously because they don't want to be caught reading an "anti" blog. I don't understand what else they would have to lose by sharing at least a screen name or first name. Hell, I went by Sydney for a year, right? Just a name. Just a name.

    Conference was nothing special. There was nothing wise said. Nothing that hasn't been said or mentioned before. It's funny how people see what they want to see. I will never be able to look at church services and conferences the same way ever again. It's jut the same thing... over and over and over and over and over... you get it.

    Again, I would LOVE to know what Monson has done to prove himself a prophet.

    Anonymous, how do you know he is a true prophet? Do tell. Special warm feelings don't count... feelings lie. We are talking cold hard facts here.