Rant Time

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That photo of the temple bed in the Yearning For Zion compound really did a number on me. When I saw it for the first time hours ago, I was sick to my stomach. I couldn't stop thinking about what that bed was for... all the possibilities... and how horrible some of those things are.

I am sad.

I can't comprehend any reason at ALL for a bed to be in a temple. Many people have speculated that the bed could have been for something as simple as a janitor or other temple worker sleeping in the building. That makes no sense to me, but to be honest... none of this makes sense.

If having people go into a sacred building like a temple that are not "worthy," why then would it be okay for the old man taking out the trash to take a nap in a sealing room? That sounds a little disrespectful to me... just sayin'. That excuse for the bed does not add up. Not at all.

So, what else could this thing be for?

Many noticed the hand rails on the sides of the bed... much like a hospital bed. Some assumed the man would lie on the bed while his wives knelt beside him and touched him during the sealing of a new wife. Sure... this is possible... but I don't understand the need for a bed. There are countless other ways to accomplish this feat without the use of a mattress.

The scariest thing, and the first thing that popped into my head, was that the rails on the bed could be used to tie restraints to. I have no proof that this happens/happened in that room, but the image came to me with surprising speed and clarity. I am probably wrong... Gawd... I hope I am wrong.

Here is the thing...

Most members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints look at the polygamous splinter groups as cult members that have nothing at all to do with their church.

They are wrong!!

Heads up, believing Mormons... The polygamous groups are simply practicing what Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and the rest of the leaders practiced!

In one breath, you praise Joseph Smith as a bright young boy who dealt with such persecution (he deserved it, by the way) and in the next breath you say that these groups that practice polygamy have nothing to do with you?

If the United States government didn't force the church to give up the practice of polygamy, we would still be practicing it. As a matter of fact, many members of the church joined polygamous marriages AFTER the manifesto was written. Yep... it's true! They... *gasp* Broke the LAW! Shocking, isn't it?

My ancestors came to America from Sweden to join the church in Zion. There is no doubt that some of these ancestors either practiced polygamy, or were raised to believe it was necessary for their salvation. If the church had no bowed to pressure to conform, I might have been raised like the women in the Yearning For Zion ranch. I might have been married off to a 50-something year old fart when I was 15... or even younger.

I am so ashamed to remember that I once thought I had all the answers. I once thought that Joseph Smith and the church were right and true.

To think that if a different decision was made, that I might really know what happened in that temple bed.

It's so sick.



  1. Jackalyn Says:

    That leaves me with a pretty uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach as well....

  1. Elder Joseph Says:

    "I might have been married off to a 50-something year old fart when I was 15... or even younger."

    Had the LDS church leaders got their own way then you most likely would have been married off to a 50 something old fart at 15 or younger.

    The LDS church members today have got more to thank to the opposition(anti's)of the LDS church rather than to the church leadership for their monogomous privilages.

    Those Polygamous Mormon Cults are the real followers of Joseph Smith.

    If Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, Heber Kimball and Co came back now, they would distance themselves from the LDS church and say 'get away from me,I never knew you' !

    They would flock to one of the other sects around like FLDS and say to Warren Jeffs 'well done thy faithfull servant'.

  1. Seth R. Says:

    Tell you what.

    I'll apologize for the historical practice of polygamy when you apologize for the historical practice of monogamy.


  1. Andee Says:


    Grown people can do what ever the Hell they want. It's when they FORCE their children to follow the same religious beliefs before they are of age to do so for themselves.

    I have no idea what your comment has to do with a bed in the FLDS temple?


  1. Seth R. Says:

    I don't like the imagery any more than you do.

    My point is that there's nothing ugly in the history of polygamy that hasn't been done - in spades - by monogamists.

    And as for Elder Joseph's characterization of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, obviously I think it's full of crap. But that's not an argument I was particularly interested in re-hashing here.

  1. Andee Says:


    To those who have truly studied Mormonism's history, it's clear that the only reason polygamy existed is because Joseph Smith was caught in an affair (red handed in a barn if I am not mistaken). Somehow, he convinced people that God wanted him to do things like sleep with other men's wives, marry girls as young as 14, and send men away on missions just so he could seal himself to the ladies of his choice.

    The ONLY reason the church stopped practicing polygamy (something that Joseph and Brigham constantly claimed was NECESSARY for the Celestial kingdom) is because they were pressured to do so.

    My point is that current members of the church have no idea how close they were to being in the FLDS Church (or whatever they call themselves now). If the church wouldn't have caved, this would still be happening...

    I have no problem with grown adults doing what they feel is right. It's when they force their children to conform to their religious beliefs or be kicked out of the home or community that we should draw the line.

    Brigham Young and Joseph Smith have documented lies. The church has documented lies. It's disgusting to sit back and say, "Oh well... everything's cool now! No worries! All is well is Zion!" All was NOT well for the women who felt they had to practice polygamy or go to Hell. All was NOT well for girls as young as 14 that married Joe because they thought it would save their family for eternity.

    This is manipulation at it's finest. It's not right to just ignore what they went through. I think it's crazy that it doesn't bother people... but I do believe it doesn't bother them because they don't know anything about it. They just read church published info and put all their faith into an institution that lies and misleads to stay in power.

  1. Elder Joseph Says:

    SethR comment

    "I'll apologize for the historical practice of polygamy when you apologize for the historical practice of monogamy."

    What a disgraceful comment.

    When women were forced and threatened to marry old LDS wacko leaders for their own so called salvation?????

    What a sick doctrine invented by tyrants.

    Somehow a teen girl having to screw an old megalomaniac and polygamoulsy because he has to produce his Righteous Posterity to take over the earth with and then planets throught the cosmos?!?!?

    Thank goodness I am away from people like SethR who support and defend this utter crime against women.

    I didn't know I was surrounded by wierdo polygamist supporters (as always the men) and usually the old ones, during my two years in that sham of a church.

    I'm out and away from it all.

    I feel sorry for all those women in LDS church who must want to throw up everyday knowing the creepy LDS Priesthood men around them are eyeing them out as potential polygamist wives in the future.

    They really would want to testify in Sacrament how much it makes them puke but that would not look good would it, to tell the truth of ones own feelings. So they testify to BS and pretend that all is well in Zion and pretend to be happy.

    What a farce and a sham the LDS Inc is and has been from the beginning.

  1. Seth R. Says:

    My wife is fine with the practice too Elder Joseph. And unlike a lot of Mormons, I think it's only fair for the practice to work both ways.

    And no, I don't support the practice here and now in mortality. If any of my daughters wanted to enter into it (even as adults) I would certainly oppose it.

    But let's do a historical comparison and see what crimes monogamy has perpetrated:

    Child brides? Check.
    Marital rape? Check.
    Forced marriages? Check.
    Forced marriages by threat of religious retaliation? Check.
    Neglect of wife? Check.
    Sleeping around with other women? Check.
    Physical and emotional abuse? Check.

    The FLDS creep me out as much as anyone. But before we start ragging on historical polygamy, I think it best we all take stock of the legacy of monogamy as well. Because it ain't been no bed of roses.

    By the way EJ, just a few definitions for your learning and benefit:

    Polygyny: One man - more than one wife.

    Polandry: One wife - more than one husband.

    Polygamy: BOTH polygyny AND polyandry.

    Polyamory: Multiple partners (basically that "free love" stuff from the 60s).

    Hope that clarifies things for you. I consider both exclusive polygyny and polyandry to be unequal treatment of the sexes. But polygamy, per se, is probably fine.

  1. Carter Niven Says:

    I posted this picture on my facebook page with a caption about respect. So many times I get from my Mormon acquaints that I should show respect. According to them, I should not have posted the Big Love temple scene because it doesn't show the Mormons the respect they deserve.

    My response to this is that respect in not a right, it has to been earned. If something cannot stand up to scrutiny, it shouldn't be given the deference and respect that that group demands.

    I have no idea why this bed is in this temple. I offered a different explanation somewhere else suggesting that maybe it is used to administer the second anointing where a wife prepares her husband for burial and vice versa. However, I think it is important to bring these things into the light.

    Mormonism doesn't deserve respect unless it can honestly say that it has not been honest. They can no longer purport themselves as representatives for god when they have just as itchy of ears as the rest of the world when it comes to changing doctrines and beliefs.