Stuff I Daydream About

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Abbey daydreams too!

One of my pals from Orlando just sent me an email telling me they saw my blog. Holy Crap. I guess there are tons of people reading this, huh? First my cousins and now my buddies a continent away? Kick ass. I don't know why you read, I am not funny or thought provoking. I mostly just rant and ramble, but Hell... whatever floats your boat...

This pal asked me if I would do one of those internet memes people do on MySpace (I have a MySpace but I haven't logged into it for over a year) and on Facebook (same thing... never look at it). He was raised Baptist, and he is very interested in all religions, so he asked me to do a religious slant on the meme. The original Meme mentions listing 20 things, and I am not super-creative today. 6 is all ya get.


Things I Daydream About

1. I daydream about being excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I would actually LOVE for this to happen. Bring it on. I have written a resignation letter and I have it printed and signed, but I would much rather have the church tell me I am not good enough to be in their expensive little club.

I daydream about sitting in one of those hard plastic chairs. I will wear jeans and flip-flops, and I will audio tape the whole freaking thing. When they start to bring up the reasons that they called me to a "Court of Love" (Yes, dear Orlando buddy... that is what they call it) I will politely tell them that their church isn't good enough for me. The lies, the cover-ups, the half-truths... and they have the nerve to tell *ME* I am not good enough? Hahaha... oh, that would be a YouTube top hit. I promise you that.

2. I daydream about walking into a random LDS Church during a testimony meeting and keeping track of how many times people use the phrase, "I know this church is true" because it isn't, and the mind control is fascinating to see once you are on the outside.

3. I daydream about an apostle or member of the 70 coming clean about the church's past. Could you imagine the media circus this would cause? I am not trying to be overly dramatic, but I really believe that if any of the other brethren knew something like this was going to happen, this man would have an "accident" if you know what I am saying... and I think you do.

4. I daydream about an official apology from the Church to the people they have discriminated against. This includes blacks, women, and homosexuals. The church went out of their way to stop equality for every one of these groups, and one day they will have to be held accountable for the things they said and did. Excuses like, "It was all in the past" or "It was God's will" are ridiculous. An all loving God wouldn't have any part of discrimination of any kind.

For the record, I am not saying that someone should walk into a church or other LDS structure and start shooting to "make them pay." Far from it. Just in case someone thinks I am making a threat. Nope. Nope. Nope.

5. I daydream about making a documentary about people who leave this church, and about the true history that Mormons don't know much about. I daydream about this one a lot, and I really want to do it. Maybe I will.

6. I daydream about entire groups of people walking out of church in protest of the Church's involvement in Prop H8 and other political campaigns (ERA, anyone??). Nothing would speak louder than the churchs' own members taking a stand. That would be fantastic!


  1. Sabayon Says:

    Oh man do I want to get excommunicated. I would play along for a little while, contritely listing my sins (and several I made up for the occasion) in graphic detail just to watch the elders squirm, then at some climactic point I would have to stand up, flip over a table (you can not make a dramatic point without flipping over a table) and storm out, possibly calling them all a bunch of patriarchal arseloch first. Now I just need to get the church to care enough to bother...

  1. Andee Says:

    The whole excommunication thing is crazy to begin with. They think the church is like some big club and they can put your picture up with a "No Andee" sign or something. Give me a freaking break! I would take excommunication as a badge of honor.

    I would just love to point out to them that they have no right to demand honesty from me if they refuse to be honest themselves! Hypocrites! Argh!