Scratching My Head

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I just approved two comments that made me stop in my tracks and scratch my head in thought. I love it when that happens. Even though I am trying my hardest to let my brain wind down long enough for me to catch a couple hours of sleep (impossible lately... I have always suffered from insomnia, but it's been really bad the last couple months) I had to make a post and respond to them.

So, first, we have a comment from Dan who says:

God says, "The FOOL has said in his HEART there is no God."

It means the FOOL REBEL says, "NO, God!"

Hmmm... maybe it's the fact that I might actually be getting sleepy, but it seems as though you are trying to say something without actually saying it. What is it, Dan, that you are trying to say?

Don't give silly quotes that some religious guy made to back up his/her belief in God. Just say it.

I am sincere in my question because if you know what God says, I would like to let you know that you can seek help for the voices you might be hearing in your head.

Did God say that to you?

How do you know God said that?

Are you saying I am a fool because I question the existence of God? Call me crazy (you can, because I technically just called you crazy a few sentences back) but aren't fools people who believe everything they are told and refuse to ask challenging questions only to be taken advantage of in some way?

How do you know God is really there? By just believing it? By not asking questions and plugging along in your prescribed belief system? Why would God give you a brain and the ability to think critically if he didn't want you to use those wonderful gifts?

Your blog is quite interesting, too (it's called "The Appointment" for those interested just click on Dan's name above).

Only one post that says:

God says, "it is appointed until men ONCE to die but after this the judment."

I do realize that you just created your blog and that might not be a full example of what your blog is about so it's probably not fair to form an opinion on your thoughts ideas from this alone... but again you feel the need to tell everyone what God says.

Again... how do you know God said that? Because someone told you God said that? I mean, I could tell you that I have magical powers that allow me to magically cook spaghetti and meatballs in 3 seconds... would you believe me if I said that? Nope. So why would you believe someone when they say they know what God himself says?

God came to me in a vision last night and told me to tell the readers of this blog to go to the animal shelters and adopt or foster animals in need of good homes.

I am stating that God told me this personally, and that we need to reach out and assist living creatures who deserve love and compassion... but would you really believe me that God came to me in a vision?


Interested in your reply. :)

Now, this is a quote from Rachel who agrees with me about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin:

In one of the questions that Glenn Beck asked her (it took her awhile to come up with a coherent answer) she said that George Washington was her favorite founding father. Because he was the first president. Little does she know... (I mean that quite literally, too)

Yes, it is true that the first settlers of this nation were very religious, true believers. Until we kicked them off their own land. :) The second were also very pious, religious, the ones that came over here on the Mayflower. However, they were not the drafters of the constitution. Those men were all secularists. Some may have been religious, most were Diests, not Christians, but all were against allowing religion to play ANY part in law-making. Kind of gives you the warm and fuzzies. ;)

I wish people would start looking this stuff up, instead of believing talking heads on Fox news to tell them what people believed almost 250 years ago. Especially since it is such a bald faced lie most of the time.

Rachel, as I stated in my reply in the comment section, I think I might have just fallen madly in love with you.

You had me at:

(it took her awhile to come up with a coherent answer)
Fox news and the morons who watch that channel faithfully are prime examples of people not asking questions and just going along with the flow.

The Native American reference was spectacular.

I applaud you.

Mean it.

Is it just me, or does Fox news seem to be getting more and more conservative and more and more religious oriented every single day? It's almost like they are putting on some kind of God show. It's not news, it's insanity.

When will people learn?

Question everything.



  1. Rachel Says:

    Aww, I love you too. :) But we'll save the making out for temple square. haha.

    I was stewing on that Palin/Beck conversation that WHOLE DAY. I don't know what made me more mad... the fact that he didn't ask her any REAL questions, or that he pretended like he was being tough on her. Actually, in his defense, asking her ANYTHING is kind of being tough on her. I don't know HOW you can throw any more stupid at that conversation.

    And lastly, if the religious right wants to revert back to the beliefs that 'founded' this nation, they'd have two choices: 1- the pagan beliefs of the native Americans (which they are SO fast at discounting) and 2- the VERY restrictive puritain beliefs. They can't invoke the Founding Fathers and all of a sudden make up that they derived all of their morals from the Bible. ARG.

    I would actually be really interested in a whole thoughtful article about the subject. :) Blog away.

    PS- I was so excited to get the shout out, I posted your link on my FB. :) Hope you don't get alot of creepers from that...

  1. Andee Says:


    Haha, making out on temple square? Sounds like a good time to me. I wonder how long it would take the Mormons to "escort" us off property. It would make a great YouTube video, though ;)

    Glenn Beck definitely didn't ask her any tough questions and pretending like he was being hard on her. You are right on the money (again). She is such a moron and he is so full of crap that I can't be too surprised about their interview or what they said.

    Our founding fathers also didn't have the information and science that we do today. They didn't know the things we know. The only reason people believe things is because they are taught to, or because they look at both sides and come to an educated decision.

    I would love to think that if my ancestors knew what I knew about the Mormon Church they would have done the same thing I did. Leave. This also goes true for other faiths... the more information you have about religion, the more it becomes less and less likely to be the truth.

    People have to ask themselves if they want to live in a safe little bubble, or if they want the truth.

    I chose truth.

    Thanks for mentioning the blog on your facebook page. I'm honored. I might work on that article you mentioned later. :)