Bob Millet and Lying For The Lord

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You guys know by now that I spend a decent amount of time watching video clips and reading about religion and atheism. I love to learn and laugh and THINK (yes, LDS pals... THINK).

Well, I found this clip of Bill Millet giving a talk about how to address the skeptical and challenging questions people ask church members. The clip on YouTube was taken down for one reason or another at some point and this is a re-upload of the same clip. The video will probably be removed again at some point, so sorry if you didn't catch the movie in time. Why would they take down this video? I don't really know. Some Mormon probably flagged the video and went off on a bitch-fest that people were bashing Mormons and their leaders. Waaa Waaa they are so picked on. :(

This asswad is giving people in the audience instructions on how to lie...

"Don't answer the question they asked... answer they question they should have asked."

How arrogant, deceitful, and crazy is that?

The sheeple don't see it this way, though. Any religious Mormon would tell you that anything coming from the mouths of leaders in the church is inspired by the magical undies and male priesthood superpowers.

The people in this guy's audience were probably told that they were honored to have this man speak to them. They probably heard stories about Millet and what a good man he is. They probably overheard one Mormon saying to another, "You can tell he is a good and honest man. He has a spiritual glow." I'm not sure if others have heard the "spiritual glow" thing, it might just be me. A Mormon figurehead of one kind or another is right because God would never allow the church to be led astray.

"Don't pay attention to what is behind that curtain, kids. We will tell you what you need to know."

This very topic is why people exiting the church are so angry. We were not given the truth, the complete story, the good AND the bad. Nope. God is pleased with their ways of manipulating people into believing the BS spewed from the church over the years. It's okay to lie or omit information because it's God's will.


The milk before meat talk angers the hell out of me. Don't tell me what questions people should ask the church, answer the questions we have.

It's so boldly arrogant that it makes me want to take the *puke* a couple paragraphs back and throw that puke on his spiritual white dress shirt. The fact that ANYONE feels they have the right to pick and choose what information to give to potential converts is nuts.

It's dishonest.

I hope I am around the day that the church finally has to answer for this bullshit. If that ever happens... but it might. More and more people are waking up to the hypocrisy and mind games and making the decision to leave the church. This also goes for many other religions as well. They feel they have the right to share "milk" only until that person is invested in the church.



  1. The Original Anonymous Says:

    Ah, the Mormon Church is surely following its big brother's footsteps, aka the Catholic Church.

    It's a sad, sad world we live in.

    A religion should not teach blind faith.

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Religion should not be taught at all.

    All religion is blind faith, because faith is blind. It's not based anything real, measurable or observable.