Rescued Girl, 11, Fies After Bid to Save Her

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As a follow up to my post about Pat Robertson and his hateful and ridiculous comments about the earthquake in Haiti being punishment from God because they made a pact with the devil, I would like to share this sad news from CNN.

How DARE Pat Robertson make comments that God was responsible for the events that took this child's life. How FUCKING dare him!

He sincerely believes that this child went through that much agony, pain, stress, fear and ultimately died because of a God we are supposed to WORSHIP?

This little girl didn't deserve what happened to her. She did nothing. She was living her life, growing, learning and he has the guts to say that she or people in her country were responsible for this?

How do people look at the words of Mr. Robertson and sit back and agree with him? How do people justify the cruel and sick things he said and still consider him a preacher who knows about God? Why are there people sending him money?

That being said, even *IF* Pat Robertson's statement was true (and we ALL know it's not... but for the sake of argument) why would we, as a people, need to worship and praise a God that could do this to innocent people?

Where was their God when this happened?

Was God with this child? No.

Did God hear the prayers of the people who watched her story unfold on television? He supposedly hears all prayers, right?

So God hears the prayers, and does nothing? Nothing at all? Why? Even if this creator wanted her to die as a part of some sick master plan, why didn't he ease her pain or comfort her when she needed it?

Instead, she laid there at the mercy of rescue workers. Crying in agony and struggling to survive. She suffered.

Yeah, "God" is great.