Video Time!!

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Sorry I haven't been updating as much the past few days. I haven't been feeling well. Kind of shaky and wobbly... its hard to explain. I think I am getting better though. I need to watch my sugar I think. It's strange.


Here are some of the videos that I have decided to add to the blog. Hope you all enjoy them :)


This next one is really sickening. I would love to believe he is really good at satire, but unfortunately I think he is the real deal. Be sure to check out his other video telling everyone why women should never be allowed to be president. He is a nutcase.

Here is another of his videos on how Barak Obama is talked about in the Bible. I love how he says that the only reason Obama won was because the American people didn't pray and fast enough. He even goes as far as to say that the Lord gave him pain in his shoulder because he didn't do everything he could in regards to the presidential election.

Again... I would love to think this is satire. Please, tell me this is satire. Pretty Please. With a cherry and sprinkles on top.

This guy is out of his mind!


  1. The Original Anonymous Says:

    Eh, let them be "raptured".

    Where are all the Rapture Insurance agencies that will take care of your stuff when you leave, or the pet care for Rapture believers.

    Where are the people making money off this scam? Hahahaha.