After-Christmas Cookies

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Can I tell you how much I love the after Christmas sales?

Roomie and I went to the grocery store today and found all the Christmas cookie dough on sale for .99 cents each. I bought some gingerbread and sugar cookie dough.

The sugar cookie dough came with frosting, so I am planning a day of goofing off with my cookie cutters and practicing my decorating skills. Nothing like after-Christmas holiday baking, right? I will do my best to post some photos of the process... not that it would be super interesting, it's just something for me to do while Roomie hogs the computer playing his new computer game.

The apartment complex dumpster was overflowing with the Christmas trash this morning. Eying the empty boxes it looks like the people in my building got some amazing gifts from Santa. 2 or 3 HDTV boxes, a few computers, and some scooters and bikes for the kiddies.

Makes me hope that some of the less fortunate people got something they really needed this year...