Something Weird Happened

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Something weird happened to me today. Roomie and I were running some errands. We stopped at the bank and deposited some checks, then went to order some pizza for take out. While we were waiting for that pizza, we ran to the grocery store.

While walking through the entrance of the grocery store, I noticed this guy off to my right side leaning against the wall. He was dressed well, and had a couple bags of groceries in his hands. He wasn't leaving the store but it was snowing outside... so I figured he was waiting for the snow to stop, or he was waiting for his ride. I walked inside and didn't think anything of it.

On our way out of the store I noticed he was still there. This time I got this strange feeling like he was a bad man. I got chills (yes, it could have been because it was cold outside) and I felt like I should get out of there quick. Roomie and I walked to the truck and the guy was following us. Why was he waiting? Why did he leave when we left? It was like one of those moments in a scary movie when the bad guy is walking right at the person being stalked and that person feels like their feet are stapled to the floor.

We got in the truck and I told roomie to lock his door. He thought I was insane, maybe I am. Something about that man scared the hell out of me. Has that ever happened to anyone else? For no good reason?

We made our way to the pizza place and picked up our order and hopped back in the truck. We stopped at a stoplight and the man was right behind us. Roomie thought I had lost it, maybe I have. I looked at him through the mirror on the passenger side and refused to turn around to draw attention to myself. The guy was really scary to me for no good reason.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe he was a bad guy. Maybe he was out there trying to hurt somebody... maybe my intuition told me to get the hell out of dodge. Maybe not. Who knows?