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I am sure I have mentioned before that I lived in Orlando for about 7 years and spent those years working in various theme parks. I would always hear stories from co-workers about "the worker who fell to his death here..." or "the kid who fell out of his seat here" that now haunt the place. I have felt at certain spots chills... and the memory of these things still send chills down my spine. I decided to find out other theme park haunts to share with you. Next time you go to the park, maybe you could do a little ghost-hunting! I hope you like it!

Christmas Shop At Disneyland

Disneyland CA- The Christmas Shop - Some of the stock crew has reported an strange feeling when alone stocking the store for the morning. There is an old photo from the 19th century of a young woman up on one of the shelves. It has been documented several different times that a stock person will noticed the photo frowning (her photo is taken with a straight face) at them along with a strange wind in the room.

Disneyland - The Disney Gallery - which is above the Pirates of the Caribbean. Workers have reported that after park closing and in the early morning, they see a figure of a tall man walking around in the Gallery. He is believed to be the spirit of Walt himself. Cold spots are also reported by numerous visitors.

Disneyland - Fire Station - some employees heard foot steps at 2nd floor at night and someone knocked the door. The 2nd floor is not open for public and it's been an empty room for several years. - January 2006 Additional Information: The room above the Disneyland fire station was built as a place for Walt Disney to stay in while he inspected the park or did park business. It has all the amenities as an functional apartment for him.

The Haunted Mansion, Disneyland

Disneyland - Haunted Mansion - There are 3 spirits that are in the place all the time, elderly man (who died of a heart attack in Aug. of 1970 before there was a first aid station on the west side of the park), an elderly woman and a young man who has quite a sense of humor. There is also something nasty in the attic just before the omni-movers exit into the graveyard. Witnesses report having hair pulled in the crypt (exit) area with no one in sight, touched on the back by a hand in a car that ended up having no one in the car, seen people walk up the portrait hall or grand staircase, stop and vanish, faces peer from behind the corner at the top of the grand staircase, heard footsteps on the false floor behind the load area when there is no one else there, been touched on the face by unseen hands, seen a man in the exit mirror.

Disneyland - It's a Small World - Lights have turned themselves off/on by themselves, as well as the all the dolls moving without power.

Disneyland - Matterhorn Mountain - The ghost of a woman named Dolly, she was crushed to death after she fell out of her sled and was hit by the sled behind her.

Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean - The story goes that a young boy and his mom loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The boy got cancer and his last wishes was that his ashes be spread over the Pirates ride. Disneyland rejected that for health reasons but his mother did it anyway. At night the ride operators can sometimes see a lone boy riding one of the boats on the video monitors, but when they check it out there is no one.

Disneyland - Space Mountain - both the ride itself and the women's (employee) locker rooms are haunted by the ghost of "Mr. One-Way", a guest who died on the Space Mountain ride back in the 1970's. On the ride, he is described as a large man with reddish hair and a red face, and has been seen by guests getting into a car with a lone rider, but he vanishes before the end of the ride.

Disneyland - The Star Trader (4th floor stock room) - Cast members have felt a cold, eerie wind on the 4th floor of the stock room, when there are no doors, vents, or windows up there.

Tomorrow Land Transit-Authority, What used to be the "People Mover"

Disneyland - the old "People Mover Ride" - Reports of operating, girls (especially those with long blond hair) would sometimes feel an unseen someone pull viciously at their hair. The boy died a few years ago on a Grad Night when he jumped out of the cabin of the People Mover, got caught and dragged underneath the car. He grabbed desperately at his girlfriends long blond hair to save himself.

Disneyland - Tom Sawyers Island - The ghost (s) of one or two people have been seen on Tom Sawyers Island. At least three boys (all Grad night victims) have drowned in the Rivers of America.

Disneyland - Tomorrow Land - Reports of a menacing presence accompanied by cold spots.

Hershey - Hershey Park, PA- The Park at night can be a very scary place. The carousel turns on by itself in the middle of the night and is a mysterious maintenance worker who works on the Commet roller coaster. He was a victim of a freak accident at the roller coaster. It is also said that the ghost of Hershey himself roams the park to keep an eye on things.

Frontier Trail Shop at Cedar Point

Sandusky, OH - Cedar Point - a young woman walking past CJ's Provisions in the Frontier Trail. Anyone working in that stand has reportedly felt someone there or has apparently seen someone walking by the doors when they are closed before the season begins. Legend has it that a young woman walks up and down frontier trail looking for her boyfriend / husband in that area. Strange things have happened in CJ's. If you leave a sponge on the sink in the fudge area and leave to go and do something, like take your break or go outside to get something and you come back and your sponge is gone. No one else has taken it or even seen where it went to. Then when you go back, sometimes the sponge reappears in the same place that you last left and there are only 2 of you in the stand. (I have first hand experience with this since I've worked there this past 2003 season).

Los Angeles - Knott's Berry Farm - Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant a ghost in one of the empty, windowless back dining rooms. looked like an old woman and the busboy claimed it was simply a fog.

Kennedy Space Center, FL- Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34 - The old abandoned Launch Pad of the Apollo missions is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the three astronauts that lost their lives in a tragic fire. When you are on the pad you get a weird feeling, then at night when you enter some of the abandoned buildings, if you're quiet you can hear screams of panic and distress. NASA, at one time, let visitors tour the facility, but due to 'strange occurrences' they no longer include the Apollo Launch Pad on the tour.

Orlando - Disney World - There is known to be a tan figure walking down the streets in front of the castle.

Orlando - Disney World - Pirates of the Caribbean - The spirit of "George" a worker who died there when a beam fell on him during construction still haunts the attraction. At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day attractions workers must come on the PA system and tell George good morning and good night. If not the attraction has been know to shut itself down adding more work before the workers came go home for the night. - March 2004 Addition/ correction - when the ride was being built in the early 70's (it opened Dec. 15, 1973) , George was a welder who clearly, welded different parts of the scenes on the attraction together. One particular area on the ride, called the "burning city", required George to climb up quite high above the ground. George lost his balance, and fell to his death. If you talk to any of the employees at pirates, they will either know of someone who has had an incident with George, or there is a chance they move have had one themselves.

Epcot- Disney World

Orlando - Walt Disney World - EPCOT - Spaceship earth - a small girl with long blonde hair has been seen riding in a car & a boy run in front of her and vanish at the same location (outside during the day).

Orlando - Walt Disney World - Tower of Terror - There has been a story among employees of a ghost walking around the "Tower of Terror" at off hours; he's usually found walking the wrong way, does not respond to calls and then disappears.

Orlando - typhoon lagoon - typhoon lagoon there was a little boy that drowned on the boat slide. Now you can see at night a little boy riding a raft.

Orlando - universal studios back to the future (Now being remodeled for a Simpson's Ride)
- Some guests have died from natural causes while riding the ride and two maintenance guys have been crushed by the cars while working on the hydraulics. On the third floor at the entrance there are large mirrors where a small hand print appears about 7 ft up especially when that floor isn't being used. won't be cleaned off. also on the third floor when it's closed you hear the song one of the maintenance guys liked to whistle and the sound moves up and down the halls. on the second floor when cleaning cars at the end of the day the cars will close on the employee with no one at the controls and you hear a small girl giggle. also some heavy doors open on their own when the ride isn't turned on. also shadows are seen in the employee hallway up to the third floor followed by a feeling of foreboding.

Kings Island in Ohio

Cincinnati OH- Kings Island- There was the old story of the lady that got thrown from the viking boat, she landed in the little pond that was in front of it. Someone went in to get her, and he was electrocuted from the power to the lights in the water.

Cincinnati OH- Kings Island- Top Gun... This was not the coaster that you know now, but a ride that was a tower that you spun around, and you had control of your ride vehicle. A kid was not properly secured as he and his friend spun it upside down, and the kid fell out...went splat.
That one I believe is true. There are bound to be some ghosts lurking around a park that old. Then there was the story about the flying Eagles.....one of the wires broke and decapitated somebody.

Cincinnati OH- Kings Island- "Octopus" ferris wheel. It was a huge double ferris wheel that was enclosed in cages. You then got to spin these cages around as you spun end over end in the ferriss wheel. Very slow and not thrilling, but those things did not seem safe....and according to legend they werent. The chains broke as one spun wildly and killed five people.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    kings island, no one died falling from the viking ship. She was drowning and a man went in after her both were killed, a woman was flung from flight commander. she was goofing around and had her arms out of the seat belt when she flipped over the car she then fell out.

  1. Sydney Says:

    Thanks for the info! I used a haunted index website for the information, and you can imagine how hard it is to double check those!