Holiday Time

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I was watching television and I heard the same old Target commercial jingle for the 20th time when it hit me. It's almost Christmas. I know I have been posting about Christmas for a long time, but the date actually crept up on me quickly. It's not like it was when I was a kid and I crossed each day in December off my calendar to countdown to Santa Day.

Tomorrow I am going to Salt Lake City to have dinner with my Mom and my brother. I am excited to see them, and happy that I get to actually have a holiday meal with people I love. It's been seven long years since this has happened. While I wish I had more money for presents for them, I know that spending time together and letting them know I love them is the most important thing.

After dinner we are going to temple square to see the Christmas display put up by the temple. Mom and I want to take an official tour of temple square to see what they tell people on the tour, and I will report back what I find. I joked with my Mom that we might just be zapped by lightning when we step foot on the temple grounds...

Maybe... just maybe... I will get a camera for Christmas and I can start adding my own photos too! I hope Santa got my letter. I am going to leave him some peanut butter bars and an ice cold beer just in case he needs a bribe!

The lights at temple square.

Last week my Mom wrote a letter to her relief society president asking for no contact from the Church. This is a major stepping stone for her, and it took tons of courage for her to do this. No less than 24 hours after asking for no contact, the bishop stopped by her office at work. I guess he didn't really understand the meaning of "no contact" but she dealt with it kindly and honestly. She told him that she needed space from the Church, and that it was her right to ask for no contact. She also told the bishop that she would have a meeting with him in a couple months to discuss some of the questions she has. She told him that I would be there too.

I am very excited and nervous for this meeting with her bishop. I plan on writing a letter to read at the meeting so I get all my points across (I will post the letter on my blog a few weeks before, hopefully some of the people who read this blog will have advice or insight into things that might not cross my mind).

Well, when my Mom got home from the gym today she found a note and basket of goodies from her relief society friends. Again, do they understand the meaning of no contact? Do they not respect her request? I don't think they do.

The lights at temple square, Salt Lake City.

In their hearts they only want to save her from leaving the Church. They believe she is risking her eternal salvation by questioning things and reading about the church from unofficial church sites. They have no idea how indoctrinated they are, and how wrong they are about so many things.

I really hope that 2008 will be a good year for my Mom. I threw a lot in her lap this summer when I talked to her about my concerns with the church, and she was honest and open minded. She always had my respect, but it has grown. I always knew that she would love me no matter what, but it never crossed my mind that she would join me on this journey. She is good people, and I love her very much.

She has a major decision to make about Mormonism. This decision, like mine, will effect the rest of our lives in regard to our extended family. We might be disowned, they might feel sorry for us that we were "led astray," or they might just love us for who we are anyway. It's scary to think that the love of your family depends on your religious beliefs, but it's a very real thing for my Mom and I. We know that when shit hits the fan, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Thanks again to everyone who stops by to read my blog. I hope that you all understand how good it makes me feel that people actually care about what is going on in my little corner of the world. It never crossed my mind that anyone would even bother to read the site.

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday,