New Years Cookies?

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Ahh, a day of doing nothing but goofing off in the kitchen. It's almost like heaven. No bills to worry about (for a while), nothing I need to pick up at the store (again... for a while), and it's snowing outside. How cozy.

Abbey Road was watching me from the other counter. What a little helper.

Yesterday I bought .99 cent cookie dough at the grocery store. They had sugar cookie with icing packs, and gingerbread. I decided to save the gingerbread cookie dough for another day and tackled the colorful package with the sugar cookie dough in it. This is what I found.

Oohhh, how pretty!

I had two sheets of cookie dough, rolled out and even (hell, thats most of the work right there... I don't even have a rolling pin). I put one sheet of dough right back in the fridge because there is nothing worse than trying to cut cookies from dough that is too warm. It just doesn't work.

Perfect 1st batch.

I decided to use my star cookie cutters... When I let them dry they actually reminded me of the 4th of July instead of Christmas. I am going to have to remember that on the 4th.

The first batch of cookies was absolutely perfect. I have never baked a better cookie! I was very proud of myself... but that didn't last long. I burned the next too cookie sheets... it's okay though, I like crispy cookies.

As you can tell, I am not very good with decorating cookies. I did my best... I wish I had more colors to work with, but I had no powdered sugar to make royal icing with. I decided to stack the stars on top of each other for a different look.

They are not much to look at, but they sure taste good... Double decker sugar cookie anyone?

Sorry for the boring post, but it was fun to make... Happy New Year everyone!!! -Hugs from Sydney!