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I love coming across sites that have unique things for sale... not that I ever have the money to actually buy the funny/cool things I see, but it's fun to check things out once in a while. (To all the True Blue Mormons out there who scope out my blog and mumble to themselves, it's not because I don't pay tithing to the church... if I paid tithing to the church I probably wouldn't have food in my fridge right now...)

Here are some cool items on that I liked. Hope you enjoy the post!

Drink stirrers in the shape of guitars... but that's only half of it! The actual guitar is made of ice. Awesome! $7.49 for one ice tray.

Now you can free your inner artist and have fun blowing bubbles at the same time! Don't worry about having to master a paintbrush or expensive charcoal pencils. All you need is your mouth, Chew-By-Numbers and some free time. The kit includes the following for $11.95
  • GumArt board with printed design (5” x 7”)
  • Gum
  • Gum Reference Guide
  • Gum chewing and spreading instructions

What is cooler than a shot glass made of ice? Simply prepare your shot glasses in the freezer before your party and you are all set! $6.99 per tray.

Having a Christmas Get-together? Check out these edible candy-cane shot glasses! How cool is that? $5.99 for a set of 2 (I can't help but notice that if you just glance at them they look like bacon... still awesome though...)

This is called a "Planetarium Garden Lab." The colors are pretty cool, and it's neat to have something strange on your desk to look at. This sells for $23.89

This is fun... turn all the inanimate objects on your desk into cute little buddies. For only $3.99 you get these sheets of stickers for creative office fun.
This sneaky Book Clock hides incognito on your desk or bookshelf. Snuggle it between you favorite books for a unique time telling treat. Don't own any books? Impress your friends with a faux book collection. $23.99

How cool is this? For people like me who spend all day (literally) sitting at a computer, you can now make it festive for the holiday season. All you have to do is plug the lights into the USB port on any computer. This Christmas Kit sells for $19.99

Who says pepper is always black? The holes in the angel and devil figures are the same size, so they're completely interchangeable. Even if your angel prefers it hot, the devil will still be worth its salt. $13.99

So it's late at night... and you are thirsty. You don't want to wake up the entire house by turning on the lights... check this out! The lights inside the faucet change color with the temperature of the water. It's really awesome, and fun for kids. $19.99

Most kitchens in America have a Gingerbread Man cookie cutter, but how about something different? These cookie cutters make it look like someone has taken a bite out of the cookie! Pretty fun gift for only $11.99

Tired of regular knife blocks? This knife holder is called "The Ex" and I think it's fantastic! This sells for $69.99

Like aromatherapy? Here is a handy-dandy USB Fragarance Oil Burner. For those who don't know, a USB switch plugs into any computer for energy... Who says your cubicle has to smell like your lunch back? $8.99

Tired of being worried about people stealing your pricey electronics? Here is a cool way to disguise your iPod. $23.99

Here is a funny idea for a piggy bank! This sells for $7.99