Pimp That Snack

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I am officially an insomniac, tired... but I can't fall asleep. For the past week or so my legs have been doing that "RLS" thing, (restless leg syndrome). It feels like I need to walk around and use my leg muscles or something... it's really weird. When I saw the commercials for RLS drugs I thought the whole thing was bogus... I was wrong.

Anyway, here I am wide awake and bored out of my skull. I did a little browsing on the net and found this funny website called, "Pimp That Snack." People from all over the world make extremely large versions of their favorite candy and share the pictures. The site is based in England, so the measurements need to be switched if you want to use the recipe, but is a little math going to kill you? (Not me... you... math would definitely kill me...) Here are some of my favorites...

The Mighty Rolo


McDonald's Apple Pie

Caramel Twix