Awesome Advertising

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I found these ads on a blog called direct daily. Be sure to click on any of the ads for a direct link to that site... it's awesome.

As an advertisement for Danny's Carwash, decals resembling bird droppings were placed on car windshields. The decals were also coupons for 1 USD off a carwash.

Agency: Santy Phoenix, USA.

On December 1st (World AIDS Day), an outdoor poster showing the word "AIDS" written with more than 500 condoms was displayed in a lot of spots throughout the city. As people were invited to take condoms out of it, the word AIDS began to disappear, increasing awareness on the importance of using condoms to stop the spread of AIDS among the population. At the end of the day more than 8000 pedestrians interacted with the poster. And what could be a simple condom sampling action turned into a stronger awareness message against AIDS.

Ambient work for the launch of a new Radio Station. Guitar Stands were placed around Glasgow City Centre inviting people to help themselves to an air guitar.

Agency: The Bridge, Scotland.