Where is my birthday card?

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Mom sent me a birthday card with a cash surprise in it over a week ago... it's still not here. I suppose it's not all that rare for letters/cards with standard postage to take a while, but Mom payed extra to have the letter shipped quickly. Where the hell is it? I was counting on the birthday dough to help with bills this week... argh! Roomie and I were worried someone stole it because there was cash inside. Why can't people be trustworthy? I am trustworthy? Ugh.

I guess it doesn't help when people like this are working for FedEx.... here is the story:

A Fed Ex worker rerouted packages containing 10 laptops, valued at $10,000, to his Hicksville home, Nassau police said.

Jin Hui Wu, 20, of 28 8th St., Hicksville, was arrested at the Fed Ex office on Grumman Road West in Bethpage Friday morning, detectives said.

During an internal Fed Ex audit of non-delivered packages, company officials learned that Wu stole at least nine customer packages by sending them to his home address from Nov. 26-Dec. 31, the police said.

Wu was charged with one count of grand larceny and one count of fraud.

As of Friday only four of the laptop computers have been recovered, and the investigation is continuing, police said.
How dumb can ya get? He didn't realize those packages could be tracked? Isn't that what he does for a living. Moron.