Nicotine Mittens

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Roomie was talking about quitting smoking just because he had to smoke outside... I can't count the number of times he complained about going out into the "damn cold." Well, lucky for him someone was designing and manufacturing Nicotine Mittens!

Finally nicotine addicts have the answer to all their winter woes with Smoking Mittens.

As the days get colder and smokers feel the full force of the ban these handy mittens will leave any smoker the envy of their cigarette break buddies.

With a special cigarette-shaped hole in the mitten, smokers can light-up without exposing their digits to the harsh elements.

It doesn't even matter if the smoker is right or left-handed as the mittens are reversible.

With the slogan "Don't be left out in the cold" the smoking accessory is billed as the perfect winter gift.

They are the brain child of designer Tobias Wong, who is originally from chilly Canada but now works in New York.