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Most of the people who read my blog already know about the passing of the Mormon leader and "profit" Gordon B. Hinkley. He died after living a long and happy life at the age of 97. It shouldn't have come as a shock to anyone that he was about ready to drop, considering his age.

Don't get me wrong, he seemed like a really nice guy... it's just that I can't understand how he somehow decided to spend billions (yes, billions) on a Salt Lake City shopping mall and build Mormon temples throughout the world. The Church's money comes from tithing from members of the church as well as the businesses the church runs (Deseret Book among many, many others..)

This money could have gone to the poor, the hungry, and the sick. Bottom line. We don't need more multi-million dollar temples, we need to take care of our fellow man. The Mormon church doesn't share it's finances with the general public, and I would assume that is because they don't donate a whole lot of it.

One of my favorite shows, The Colbert Report, made this report on his death:


  1. paranoidfr33k Says:


    Colbert is crazy and funny.

  1. Milton Scope Says:

    Its fine that you no longer have a desire to be a member of the mormon church, but why include a post on your blog that makes fun of Pres. Hinckley's death. To many people he was a good man. At one point in your life you also looked up to him. What good does it do to try and soil his name?

    Try and think back to the time that you first began to question your beliefs in the church. What types of influences did you have around you? How did those influences mold your thinking? Do you really feel better? At this point you will probably say Yes. But what about 10 years down the road? Are those early influences still going to be by your side then?

  1. Sydney Says:

    Dearest Milton,

    I didn't make fun of his death, I just expressed my views about some of the decisions he made.

    As for questioning my faith, I had fantastic TBMs around me, I had non-Mormon friends around me, I had perfect strangers around me. You can't blame anyone but the church for lying. They are not telling you the whole story, and someday you might realize that.

    I wasn't influenced by anyone. It was me who did the research, and I am more than comfortable with the decision I made.

    Good luck.