Square America

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I have found a website that I have fallen madly in love with... okay, thats a little extreme... but you get the point, don't you? Square America is a website that collects random photos from the past. Vintage photos with no story behind them, or where they come from (well, most of them.)

What a cute little boy. He grew up on this farm, and learned to shoot at an early age. Something about a kid holding a gun in the middle of nowhere scares me just a little. He looks like he could have grown to be some sadistic serial killer...

Looks like her mother didn't live long enough to see her get married. What a nice way to include Mom in the wedding photos... She reminds me of Madonna for some reason... maybe the dark hair resembles Madonna in the "Like a Prayer" video. Hope her marriage was a happy one...

This girl knows how to have a good time. Dancing and drinking on top of a car in the middle of nowhere. I think her name would be Louise, don't you? Maybe Cathy. Hmm... bottoms up!

July 20, 1939. I love everything about this photo, and I almost feel like I was there. Her hair and hat are perfect, perfect clothes and shoes as well. She is walking quickly down the street... why? Maybe she is an heiress to a million dollars, and she is being photographed for a magazine... or maybe she is just walking down the street and some weirdo snaps a photo. What do you think?

Check out this website... you won't regret it! -Sydney