An Eventful Day

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Today I took a drive to Tooele, Utah to pick up my Mom for a weekend visit. It was almost hard to see that town again because the small town I used to visit growing up has turned into a busy city! On the drive in I kept telling roomie, "Wow, that building is new... that one too! Oh, wow... that building used to be the end of town!" There are literally houses everywhere, and they are still popping up.

One thing that hasn't changed (and that's a good thing) is my favorite quick-bite restaurant. The Dairy Delight! I love this place. Their menu fills a complete wall, and one side of it is strictly milkshakes (more flavors than you ever dreamed of) and sundaes. Since I am on an informal "diet" I went as far as I could go and didn't order dessert... that sure didn't stop me from ordering a bacon double cheeseburger with gems. Gems are informal tater-tots, and they come with a little cup of Utah's famous fry sauce. If you had not tried dipping your fries in fry sauce, you haven't lived.

Damn, that was good.

Growing up in Utah, I just assumed everyone ate fry sauce... when I went to California with my band in High School I remember asking the McDonald's cashier for fry sauce... she looked at me like I was trying to play a prank on her. She winked and brought me back a couple packets of ketchup. Not the same, sadly.

The Haunted Hotel

One block down from the Dairy Delight stands the Kirk Hotel. This hotel is infamous with folks in my area for being haunted. I am not sure who haunts the hotel, but there are many stories of people being murdered or committing suicide. It's even listed on Shadowlands... I had to take some shots in hopes that I could catch a ghostie or two peeking out from the windows. When I was editing the photos with my Mom we thought we saw something in one of the windows, but then again... we wanted to see something and it was probably our minds playing tricks on us.

Brr... I took this photo on the walk.

Mom and I went for a little walk to burn off some of the horrific calories, but we didn't quite realize how cold it was until we were pretty far from the house. Poor Mom was almost frozen solid by the time we returned, and it took her a while to warm back up. Note to self: No more walks in freezing temperatures. What was I thinking?

Hope you enjoy the photos, and have a good one guys!