Dear God,

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A very smart guy by the name of "Noggin" posted this on yesterday. I asked and received permission to post this on my blog. I really identified with it, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

Dear God:

I was wondering if you read the newspapers lately... like last week's newspapers that reported how there have been four school shootings in four seperate schools in one week's span.

It's a little disconcerting to witness such horrific travesty in the face of such boundless miracles that are supposedly simultaneously happening across the globe in your good name and all that.

Parking spaces and lost car keys are being found in the nick of time, fat people praise your name for helping them lose weight and skinny ones also praise you for gaining. Most of your followers attribute metting their spouses as one of your miracles. Little children are miraculously recovering in hospitals everywhere at the request of praying parents, and apparently you are in the business of saving marriages and other relationship fiascos. Cancer is being abated, fattened stock dividends are being paid out handsomely, fortuitous lottery tickets are being bought, businesses are prospering across the lands, you even heard the prayer of some little girl who prayed mightily to you that her father would not come in and rape her last night. (I say there, good job on that one God). You apparantly control the location of lightening strikes and hurricanes too. I read on the news last month that a hurricane utterly destroyed a residential neighborhood but spared a church right in the middle of that neighborhood. That's pretty good, God!

Well? What can I say. The list of miracles attributed to you, God, is quite endless so apparantly, you really are quite busy pulling rabbits out of hats.

So then, God, I was also wondering if you might be able to put some of that omniscience of yours to better use in divining when the next school shooting will happen... ::sigh:: we've had such a slew of them lately and it really is becoming a pandemic of sorts. I was hoping, you know, that you could, well, kind of guide the shooter to shoot himself first or to take his medications or seek professional counseling or maybe... just maybe since they say you are so involved with relationships and match making... you could get the shooter to fall in love with, let's say, not even the girl (for it always seems to be a male shooter) of his dreams but just someone who temporarily distracts him until maybe you could inspire him to become engrossed in a life fulfilling hobby? A fitness enthusiast perhaps? Something... something to set his path straight so that needless lives do not have to be lost.

just, you know... ANYTHING, God.

But, you know, I'm just a mortal thinking of mortal ways to solve this school murder mayhem thing... I am sure you are better equipped to solve this delimma, being God and all that like you are.

Anyhow, you sure seem to be doing a bunch of miraculous things over the eons of time. Do you think you could possibly add school murdering to your list of problems to solve?