Ducks and Diet Coke

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Today was pretty interesting. I had a job interview that I think went very well, I hope they will call me back for the 2nd interview. No doubt I will have another drug test to take in order to be hired, and there is nothing worse for me. I have never been able to pee on command. It's impossible. Last time I took a drug test I downed 4 glasses of water in the morning, and I still had that poor nurse waiting around for a whole hour because of my stupid shy bladder. Too much information... I know... I know... just rambling, I'm good at that.

After the interview roomie and I took a little drive up Logan Canyon and took some photos of the ducks and scenery. Every time I go there I get mad at myself for forgetting to bring bread or crackers... something to feed them. When I got to one of the docks all the ducks swam to me quickly thinking I had brought them some tasty treats. I felt bad. I hope I don't come back as a duck in my next life. I would be swimming around praying that some kind human is going to bring me diet coke.

My Mom and I made plans to go to Wendover, Nevada for her birthday. It's the first time going to a casino and being old enough to gamble. I don't have much money, it's going to kill me to throw quarters into a machine and mentally will the machine to give me my money back... hopefully I will win the big jackpot so I can build my log cabin in the woods.

Yesterday roomie and I gave all three cats a bath. That was fun. Poor Buddha Belly was scared out of her fluffy mind. I couldn't get over how skinny they all looked with their hair wet. Spooky reminded me of a rat. Now they are all nice, clean, soft, and they smell good. Now every time they hear me run the water in the bathtub they look at me with their eyes wide open in horror that they will get another one. Abbey scratched the hell out of my arm, I was worried that the person I was interviewing with today would think I was a cutter.

Here are some of the photos I took at the canyon. They are definitely not my favorite, but cute and worth sharing. Hope you like 'em.