Missionary Discussions in an Honest World

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Doing my daily reading I found this article written by "Brigham Y666g" on the Mormon Curtain. I loved it, and wanted to share it. There are tons more articles about missions and any other topic you might like to read about. Here is the link.

First discussion:
  • Multiple accounts of the first vision
  • Discussion of no report of the first vision until long after it occurred
  • Joseph Smith’s money digging trial
  • View of the Hebrews
  • Changes to the Book of Mormon
  • Bad grammar in the first edition
  • DNA, archaeological, anthropological, geographical, and linguistic evidence that disproves the Book of Mormon
  • Joseph Smith’s banking fraud
  • The Kinderhook plates fraud
  • Book of Abraham fraud
Second discussion:
  • New Testament written long after the events by people who never knew Jesus
  • Historical doubts about the existence of Jesus
  • Borrowed myths that have been incorporated into the Jesus myth
Third discussion:
  • Discussion of evolution and how Genesis consists of borrowed myths
  • Discussion of the borrowed myths and outright lies in the Old Testament
Fourth discussion:
  • Joseph Smith’s and Brigham Young’s polygamous marriages including sending husbands on missions in order to marry their wives, and marriages to pregnant wives of other men
  • Joseph Smith’s affair with Fanny Alger and creating the concept of polygamy after being caught in other adulterous relationships
  • The commandment from modern day prophets to marry before graduating from college and having as many children as possible
  • High levels of depression, suicide, and bankruptcy in the Mormon Church
  • Expectation to serve a mission at own expense
Fifth discussion:
  • Show a video that containing all of the temple ceremonies from beginning to end including the now missing blood oaths and initiatories covering by a small sheet
  • Full comparison of Mormon temple cult ceremony to the Masonic cult ceremony
  • Explanation of Joseph Smith’s “revelation” concerning the temple ceremonies just weeks after being exposed to the Masonic cult ceremony including absolute lack of temple cult ceremony in the Kirtland temple
  • Discussion of tithing and how often this commandment leads to bankruptcy
  • Disclosure of the church’s financial statements
  • Mountain Meadows Massacre and Brigham Young framing his adopted son, John Lee, for the murders
  • The Hoffman scandal and Hinckley’s role in the cover up
  • Hinckley’s duplicity on common Mormon doctrine
  • Disclosure concerning purchasing malls, ranches, etc.
  • Discussion of the Word of Wisdom and how it is incorrect in some respects based on modern medical science
Sixth discussion:
  • Invitation to be baptized
Additionally, these factors should be the only material allowed to be taught in Sacrament Meeting, Primary, Sunday School, Priesthood, Relief Society, Conference talks, firesides, Institute, religion classes at BYU, Seminary, and in ALL church approved publications.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    You can actually find answers to many of your Mormon-related questions by going to www.fairlds.org and checking out their information.

    In the meantime, it's obvious you are dealing with some real issues that appear to be consuming oyu. I would strongly suggest some counseling - particularly grief counseling and dealing with anger-management.

  1. Sydney Says:

    I have been to fairlds.com. Many times. No answers were found there.

    I don't have anger management problems at all. Never been in a fight, never hit anyone... never.

    I fight my battles with words.

  1. K. OF Creich Says:

    A dreary list indeed.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    When I told someone very dear to me that my husband and I were withdrawing our names she said we had misplace anger...excuse me...the only anger I have is believeing a ridiculous lie and following a fraudulent profit for the past decade of my life. that is anger
    daisy may

  1. Sydney Says:

    We have every right to be angry. We were lied to! Thing is, I don't consider myself an angry person at all. I consider myself an honest person, and my conscience won't allow me to sit back and watch others be lied to as well.

    I feel strongly about standing up for things I believe in. When people don't like what I have to say they usually attack me personally instead of talking about the issues. *that* is what makes me mad.

  1. Kathleen Says:

    If it was a missionary who you feel lied to you, I'd guess that he or she knew little more than you and didn't intentionally lie. My father outfitted our bookcase with 12 fat volumes and twenty seven skinny volumes of original source material--My mother and I enjoyed these, but the younger children, two of them went on missions, really didn't have the language skills to understand the books we had on hand. My intelligent but dyslexic brother got tapes of the Triple combination and memorized them.

    Your missionaries probably told it to you as they misunderstood it. I'm sorry that you have been so scarred by this. The Monson era is likely to be worse and if I wasn't a 6th generation Mormon from Cedar City, I don't think I'd be hanging in there at all.

    A friend is dealing with Church History translation issues. We had the same Church History teacher, a daughter of the Japanese Ambasador to Brazil in WWII. We learned a tremendous amount about everything from her, and she started out learning each lesson from scratch and then teaching us.

    He is pressured by Mormons who
    don't speak English to translate
    more and more. Were they lied to because critical sources had not been translated into their languages?

    The truth is, that as worthy and lovable as you might be, this
    isn't such a big deal as it seems.
    President Hinkley arranged for the release of 1,000 pages of Joseph
    Smith's writings on CD.

    He used a scribe. His friends knew he was brilliant and dyslexic and his friends covered for him. I'm not sure I believe the peep stones in a hat. I must admit that I don't know enough about banking to
    have an opinion. It's possible Joseph didn't either.

    You need a lot of support now and I'd avoid the anti-Mormons--salt in your wounds isn't going to help either.

    You can go to my Mountain Meadows site if you want to learn more about what the missionaries
    didn't know/couldn't tell you.

    BYU does teach about literary material that goes over what we know and don't/didn't know in great detail.

    How were you to know? You didn't and couldn't have.

    You might go to www.mountainmeadowswiki.com
    if you want to pester, I can't give you the time I'd like, but otherwise
    it's no bother.


  1. Sydney Says:

    It was more than missionaries who lied to me. Again, I was taught that the translation of the Book of Mormon happened while the plates were in plain sight of Joseph Smith. The plates were no where in the room, and he put a peep-stone in a hat and translated that way. Most leaders know the true story, but don't share it.

    I am sorry you don't think this is as big of a deal as I do. I certainly feel that everyone should get the true story all the time. It's about honesty.

    If you haven't checked up on the history of the peep stone in the hat, you might want to. There are tons of quotes taken from people who were there that describe the real way things went down. They check out.