Lyndon Lamborn's Excommunication

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I found something interesting on today. A good man by the name of "Utater" posted links to these YouTube videos.

The videos are of Lyndon Lamborn's excommunication hearing, or "Court of Love." (Court of Love my ass!)

Anyway, the videos are very telling, and show exactly what would happen if you went to one of these courts.

Lyndon Lamborn did an amazing job of standing up for something that is right. He was brave, calm, and had respect for those who were judging him even though they showed only a little respect for his position. If you disagree with the Mormon Church, and talk about it you are a threat. They don't like threats.

Here are the videos:

Oops... let me just leave the links this time!!

Check them out... they are fantastic.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I had to fix a typo in the third video, so the link has changed to:

    Part 3

    -Lyndon Lamborn
    Logan Utah native

  1. Elder Joseph Says:

    Just caught on to your blog when searching for Lyndon Lamborn ....

    I think he's great to do what he is doing and I'm pleased to see that you are going to leave the church also. Are you going to officially resign as this seems to be the only way to get the message across to the LDS Inc on how dissaffected members really are .They treat inactives as just weak or sinful .... and count them in the bogus annual membership figures ..

    a good blog where members are questioning is here

    I'll be reading your past topics as well ...


  1. Jeff Says:

    While he’s certainly welcome to believe what he wants, any Church member that doesn’t know Joseph Smith Jr. was a polygamist is an ignoramus. All you have to do is head over to and do a search of the magazine archives to find the kind of information he’s freaking out about. There are plenty of Church-related and even Church-sponsored book and web sites that deal with all of this. As the great Mark Twain (himself an “anti-Mormon” stated: “The man that doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man that can’t.”

    I feel truly sorry for Brother Lamborn. It’s a real shame to see someone lose his testimony because he blames the Church for what amounts to his own laziness. :-(

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jeff -- It sounds like you did not grow up in the Church in small town Utah. We were taught that Brigham Young was the first to practice polygamy. And we didn't question Church doctrine. That was not a quality that was encouraged for faithful members.

    I wouldn't call Lamborn's response freaking out or being lazy. Just the opposite. His response is well reasoned and well researched. Maybe you need to read his book.