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Yesterday, my cats were acting funny. They were wandering around the apartment meowing over and over... trying to get our attention. Roomie and I would walk over and pet them, calm them, give them treats... nothing really worked. We were confused as to why they were acting that way, but we didn't think too much of it.

I was sound asleep at 7:20-ish this morning when I felt my bed start to sway back and forth. It woke me up immediately, and it lasted for about 45 seconds. Nothing shook on the walls, nothing fell from my shelves... just he bed. The cats were outside my bedroom door meowing like mad, so I walked out into the living room to feed them breakfast. The more I thought about the bed-swaying the more I thought it was my imagination or a strange dream.

I hopped into the shower, got dressed, started up the computer and turned on the television. EARTHQUAKE!!! All the local news crews had stopped regular programming to let us know there was an earthquake in Nevada and a smaller one in Utah. It's kind of scary.

When I was young my Mom and Dad took us to Mount Timpanogos. We climbed the steep trails all the way to the caves where we were given a tour. During part of the tour the guide stopped on a bridge. There was rock on either side of this bridge and he told us that we were standing directly on a fault line. If there was an earthquake while we were inside the cave we wouldn't feel a thing. We would be crushed in seconds. Scary, no?

Scientists have been predicting a major earthquake in Utah since I was teeny-tiny. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...


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    ps is there anyway I could get your email and talk to you privately?

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    Of course... my email address is email me any time you like.