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My Valentine's Day post mentioning scary movies got me in the mood to do a little scary story searching on the internet. I found a couple stories archived on Shadowlands from my own teeny-tiny town. I even had an experience at one of the locations...

"Dugway- Clinic- Located on U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, a remote Army post west of Salt Lake City in the desert. This is closed to the public. Trespassers will be prosecuted under federal law. Do not attempt to sneak on or you may find yourself staring at the business end of an M-16 rifle.
I have heard stories about the clinic on base, many of them include a pregnant wife of an enlisted man who lost her life giving birth to her child. She wanders the halls looking for her baby. There is no evidence this really happened, but I do know many people who worked there and they swear they have seen her. These are doctors, nurses, and EMTs... people who wouldn't really want others thinking they are out of their minds. One doctor that used to work there is a very close family friend, and he claims there are many more stories but he won't talk about them. He did tell me that he would see someone in old clothes every once in a while... a soldier. That is all he would say about it.

Here is another haunt from my home town:

Dugway- Photo building at Ditto Area- Building constructed in the early 1960's on or near the site of German P.O.W. barracks of World War II. No indication of German ghosts, as the P.O.W.'s were very well treated. However, the Photo Building is haunted. Most activity occurs at night or after hours, when the building is quiet. There is a long history of this building being haunted, going back 30 years or more. The haunting is not harmful, just unsettling. Running feet, indistinct whispering, unintelligible talking at a distance and footsteps are heard. No reports of missing or moving objects. A few instances of very large crashes, like a wall full of items fell to the floor. Upon investigation, nothing is found. One photographer saw a fleeting figure run out of the old developing room, across the hallway and into a cinder block wall. Figure was tall, black pants, white shirt, and dark hair. Matches description of a photographer who died of natural causes at home years ago. Speculation that he's back, because he enjoyed working there so much. All activity occurs in the front half of the building, which is the oldest. An addition was built in the early 1980's, doubling the size of the building. No activity reported in this new addition. The older, front portion of the building is scheduled to be refurbished in the near future. This will mean tearing down some of the walls, redoing the rooms and a major makeover. How this will affect the current strange activity remains unknown.
Right after high school, I got a job cleaning the buildings in Dugway to save money for college. I got to go to buildings that most civilians never got to see... I even had to learn how to put on a gas mask in under 10 seconds, and how to inject myself with medication in case chemical agent was released by accident.

There were usually 2 or 3 cleaning people per crew, one to do the bathrooms, one for the floors, and one to fill in where needed like changing the trash bags in the offices. We had free reign of the building, and there was rarely anyone inside while we were there. Those people we did see we knew well, and they were very kind and friendly.

Well, I was mopping the floors in the development room and I heard someone enter the room. I didn't look up, I just kept mopping and said, "Hello there." There was no reply. I figured the person was really busy or didn't hear me. As I was leaving the room I said, "Have a good one," and looked over to where I thought the person was... and there was no one there! I was alone in the room the entire time. Maybe it was my imagination... maybe not. Who knows?