Holiday Gift Ideas for Geeks Like Me

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These lovely gifts are from one of my favorite online shops... Think Geek.Probably one of the first chemicals we geeks ever learned about is Di-hydrogen-oxide (H2O), but probably second was NaCl. Sodium Chloride is also known more commonly as ordinary table-salt. The chemistry of salt has been well known for ages, but what has been known longer than that is this: your food usually tastes better with a little bit of salt and pepper. $14.99

Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups. $15.99
In the future, astronauts will be accompanied by tiny robot companions. These robots will most probably have a variety of hand/tool attachments, jetpacks, magnetic feet, and various lights and cameras. Cartoons and literature tell us these robots will also have quirky personalities and emotional problems. Until that bright future arrives, we have the Space Man Moppel. $29.99
People sometimes form very strong bonds to inanimate objects. This is especially the case when you come into daily contact with, say, a red Swingline stapler. The ultimate utilitarian desktop accessory. Its vibrant red color stands out amongst the grays and beiges that consume office space. The sleek, smooth retro lines. The sheer weight. The precise, solid movement. The mechanics. The thick, dense sound as paper is conjoined... $21.99

So, there's this little guy we know; his name is Dan. He's less than four inches tall and he's the one who models for all the warning signs you see all over the place. He does a great "Mens Room" and his "Caution: Slippery Floor" is beyond compare. Ok, so we just ripped that joke off an old Steven Wright routine, but so what. This little Stickman generic action figure is awesome enough to warrant it. Read on to find out why. $11.99

The R2 Fish Training School Kit is a complete training system that includes everything you need to teach your fish over 10 amazing tricks (including soccer, football, basketball, limbo, fetch, tunnels, and more!) $39.99