I Hope This Is Wrong...

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I was just watching the end of Survivor and a news teaser was introduced by one of the local television anchors.

He mentioned that a suspicious white powder was found at temple square as well as at the LA temple. I hope this is wrong.

If someone is trying to harm Mormons for their role in the passing of Proposition 8 in California, they are going about this in the wrong way. I can't emphasize that enough. Even if this is a joke or a plan to scare the people who frequent these areas, it's really messed up.

If the person(s) who did this are trying to punish the Mormon Church in this manner (through fear) they are making the rest of us look like crazy people. They are not doing us any favors, especially since the Mormon Church loves to feel persecuted... they thrive on it. They believe persecution is proof that Satan is trying to destroy their church.

What are they thinking?


Again, I hope it's wrong.



  1. Mike Says:

    If anything, I bet these “anthrax” scares are being done by the homophobic assholes that advocated passing Prop 8. They do it to publicly discredit and give the gays a bad reputation and make the public unsupportive of their cause. We certainly know that the yes on 8 people used lies and dirty tricks to persuade people that gay marriage hurts kids and schools. It would not be surprising that anyone on that side would continue to fight dirty and low. “Gays are now terrorists, we have to stop them”. That’s what they’re going to do. Nazi Germany did it to purge the opposition in their rise to power.

  1. Chester Says:

    I agree 100%.

    I mean....what? - Mormon church gets mail with suspicious-looking powder and decides to reverse its policy regarding gay marriage because it feels intimidated?

    People obviously don't know anything about the early days of the church.

  1. Andee Says:

    Regardless of who did it or why, it was absolutely STUPID.

    I can't wrap my head around it.