Man involved in standoff outside LDS Temple in Provo

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Taken from the Deseret News... not taking any credit for this article!!

PROVO — A man who threatened to kill himself outside the LDS Temple here after being disciplined by the LDS church has been taken to the hospital for a mental-health evaluation.

Provo Police Capt. Cliff Argyle said at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a suspicious incident on a grassy area south of the LDS temple at 2200 North Temple View Drive to find two men, one of whom appeared to be in distress.As the officers made contact, they realized the distressed man had a semi-automatic pistol pointed at his chest, Argyle said.The other man was trying to convince his friend to put the gun down, and officers stepped back to stay a safe distance from the .45 caliber semi-automatic gun, Argyle said.

The officers were able to contact the man on his cell phone and spent the next hour trying to convince him not to take his own life.

Argyle said the combination of the phone call and the supportive friend led the man to put the gun down. Once he did, the friend put him in a bear hug and moved him away from the pistol.

Police placed the 25-year-old man in custody and secured the gun, Argyle said. No one was injured.

The man, who police say was distraught over recent action taken against him by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Wasatch Mental Heath unit for a mental-health evaluation.

I truly hope this man is getting the help he needs, and I hope he gets as far away from this destructive church as possible.



  1. Demand More Says:

    That is sad. I really hope this guy gets help. It makes me so mad that this cult is taking people to this point.

    And I love the new layout!

  1. Andee Says:

    I hope the guy gets help, too. I am really happy that they got to him before he ended his own life. I sincerely hope he can get away from Mormonism and live a happy life.

    Glad you like the layout! :)

  1. James Says:

    I hope he gets as far away from this destructive church as possible.

    Destructive? Maybe one would come to this conclusion if they would just cherry pick stories like this...oh wait, that is exactly what you do.

  1. Andee Says:

    Oh, James...

    Sometimes I worry about you.