Mormons Stole Our

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If you are as upset about the Church's involvement in the recent California election and want to see their tax exempt status taken away, please check out this link and sign.

Thanks to my friend on (and this blog) for bringing this to my attention!!!


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good for this church for standing up for what they believe in. the family unit, and the fact that God created man and woman to procreate and bring his children to earth. What a wonderful thing to stand for in this God for saken World we live in.

  1. Andee Says:

    Nice to see you standing for something evil like discrimination.

    Open your eyes.

  1. sanjosedave Says:

    Fine to have your beliefs about what is right and wrong, and to stand up for those things, but it is another thing to meddle in politics and elections and to tell your members how to vote and where to put their money - when you are a tax exempt organization.

    Jim Jones stood up for something that he believed in too. They thought they were chosen too. The LDS church is a controlling body that directs all the activities of their - sure they preach free agency - the right to choose - but they all follow their LDS president who believes that it is a sin to criticize the Mormon leadership EVEN when if are wrong. Wake up people - read about the Salamander letters and the Meadow Mountain Massacre, Joseph Smith's sexual hypocrisy. These wonderful little family units truly do believe that they are a special, unique people - the chosen ones, the only true church... California has just announced that they are looking into the LDS church's involvement in the elections.

  1. sanjosedave Says:

    Jim Jones church stood up for something that they believed in too. These wonderful family units truly believe that their religion is the only true faith on the earth, that they are unique, and chosen. Wake up - read about the meadow massacre cover up, read about the Salamander letters, and Joseph Smith's sexual hypocrisy, and educate yourself on how this organization. Their current leader has stated that members are not allowed to criticize their leadership even when they have done something wrong.

    I also believe in standing up for what you believe in, but I believe that it is wrong for a tax-exempt organization to play a major role in organizing their members and donating large amounts of money to a political campaign to enforce their beliefs on the rest of us. The California state legislation also believes this as they have just launched an investigation.