Steve and Barbara Young

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I worked here...

I have never been a football fan. That might be because I waited tables at an insanely busy sports restaurant when I lived in Orlando. Football fans, drunk on their favorite domestic beer, screaming and yelling in the middle of a dining room surrounded by big screen televisions. I will never forget the experience of having a group of grown men cry and complain that their table wasn't good enough even though their game was up on all four walls of the restaurant and the table they moved to was right freaking next to the one they were seated at. Sports bring out the a-hole in some people. Just sayin.

My Dad tried to get me to love football as he did. My mom and brother love the game... it's just a group of men running into each other to me. Boring.

Anyway, as many people know, Steve Young who used to play for the San Francisco 49ers, is a Mormon. He has talked about his religion many times in the press, and given more fireside talks than any other person I am aware of... every time I flip on BYU Channel (by accident) Steve Young is talking about the one true church... blech...

Well, Steve Young and his wife, Barbara, have made a public statement about the church's involvement in the Proposition 8 battle. They made this statement yesterday...

"We believe all families matter and we do not believe in discrimination, therefore our family will vote against Proposition 8. It is unfair and it is wrong. Thanks."

They even put up signs in front of their home to show where their support lies!

Thank you Steve and Barbara! I wonder if Steve and Barbara Young will face the same disciplinary council courts that await Andrew Callahan and many others?

The Church considered him a star... not just a football star, but a church star. Kids loved this guy, and now he is speaking openly about how the church is wrong on this issue.