Personal Revelation and Testimony

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I read a story today that I just have to share. The person who shared the story swears that it's true, but I have no actual proof of that. So, take it with a grain of salt. Either way, it's a good example of how personal revelation and testimony can steer you in the wrong direction...

The story takes place in the mission field, I am not sure when or where the events took place, but that's not super-important to the story...

A mission president calls a sister missionary into a private meeting. After a short prayer and a promise to keep their conversation confidential, he tells her he has something of great importance to share with her.

The mission president looks at the sister missionary with tears in his eyes, and explains that he has felt personal revelation from the Lord that the first presidency was going to lift the ban on Polygamy, and the Lord had chosen the sister missionary to be one of his plural wives.

The young woman is shocked, amazed, and quiet. The mission president asks the young woman to pray and fast for the same witness that he felt. She goes back and prayerfully considers what the mission president asked of her. She felt a warming in her heart, telling her that the mission president was indeed telling her the truth, and days later she goes back to his office and agrees to be his new wife.

This happens with 6 girls. All agree that the spirit testified that they should marry their mission president. The 7th girl doesn't get the warm fuzzies the other girls received and wrote her parents for advice. The mission president was sent home soon after he was "found out."

Yes, this might be a 100% fictional story (although I kind of believe it could happen!) but it shows that the spirit can lie to you. Is it really a spirit, or is it just feelings that could mean many different things?

It's feelings.