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Check out these articles about the state of California investigating the role the Mormon Church had in the passing of Proposition 8...

San Francisco Gate
USA Today
AOL News

It's a good thing that the church is being investigated. I don't think much will come from the investigation, because the church is extremely wealthy and can pretty much buy their way out of anything, but at least people are taking notice.

Any religion that puts so much money toward something like this should lose it's tax-exempt status. They crossed the line, and so did the Catholic Church (among others). If you want to practice your religion, fine. I am not going to stop you.

Just don't force your religious crap on me or anyone else.



  1. Tanya Susie Says:

    The LDS church has gotten a little too arrogant and are getting caught. The sad part is that many people don't even know why people are upset with the LDS church.

    Have you read this one? It raises the question of the Mass. couple that fought with the school district and appeared on the commercials transferred to the school district in order to cause problmes. It is quite a good read.

    "Holes began to emerge in the Wirthlins story almost immediately after they were first introduced by the Yes on 8 campaign. Parents in the Lexington School District in Massachusetts disputed many of the Wirthlins claims to the B.A.R., pointing out that when the Wirthlins moved into the district they were already involved with two groups seeking to ban same-sex marriage. One of those groups, MassResistance, run by Brian Camenker, has been called an "anti-gay hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Lexington parents told the B.A.R. that they suspected the Wirthlins moved into the community following parent David Parker’s very public fight with the district the year before, in order to become actively involved in the issue and to join Parker in filing a lawsuit to enforce parental rights to approve all materials used in the education of their son. In fact, the Wirthlins moved into the district just weeks before filing suit with Parker. "

    All I can think when I read stuff like this is that my family thinks I am a bad person for leaving an organization who does crap like this?

  1. Andee Says:

    Tanya Susie,

    I agree with you. *WE* are bad people? Gawd, it's amazing what the sheeple believe.