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  1. maybemaybenot Says:

    Wow. Powerful. I cringe when I think back on the many testimony meetings I attended. We'd often, even as TBMs (see, I'm getting the lingo, Andee), sit in the back with "scorecards", where we had placed bets on how many times we'd hear certain phrases like:

    •I know the church is true
    •I know Joseph Smith is a prophet
    •I love my mom and dad (is that a testimony?)
    •I know the Book of Mormon is true
    •I know Heavenly Father loves us

    We also had a category for number of people who would cry, number of people who would whisper their “testimony” to their kids who would then repeat it like a freaking robot and a category for number of kids who would bear their testimony despite having been out drinking the night before or having sex with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Ahhh, the good ole days…

  1. maybemaybenot Says:

    Hey Andee and "followers" - have you seen this blog?

    It is hysterical. Good stuff.

    Also, where in the hell (no pun intended) did Bishop Higgins go? I wonder if the mormons off'd him?

  1. The Marcheses Says:

    First of all-WOW this girl is amazingly beautiful to me. Second, it really makes me rethink going to LDS just for even social reasons. Wow.

  1. Tanya Susie Says:

    Nah,Bishop Higgins slows down fromt time to time. He will be back. He took several months off previously.

  1. Andee Says:


    Thank you for the link... great stuff! I added it to my list :D

  1. Andee Says:

    The Marcheses,

    She is very beautiful, and she has more videos like this one.

    I don't think she wrote and directed the videos herself... I think there are a few people behind them... but they are still touching and make marvelous points.

    I like her.