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Well, there is a fantastic amount of news in the fight over Proposition 8 in California. SigningForSomething.org is going forward with a mass resignation in protest to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' involvement in these political affairs. Please check out the SigningForSomething.org website if you would like to resign in protest, or check out any of the other things you can do to support our message!

Also, there is a HUGE protest tonight in Salt Lake City at Temple Square. Here is the info...

Friday, November 7, 2008
6:00 pm
Corner of State Street and North Temple - bring your family and friends.

Not since the Stonewall Riots of 1969 in New York have we as a
community really stood up for our rights in a determined way. Our
Pride Parades are an event, not a protest. Our court battles are
fought by few while we watch from the comfort of our living rooms.
Our petitions we sign while shopping online.

Society as a whole underestimates us. They underestimate our size.
They underestimate our determination. They underestimate our
conviction. They underestimate our power. Now is the time that we
need to remind them.

This week the religious activists in California decided to take our
civil rights, which they take for granted, and they put it up for a
majority vote. Even more despicable than voting to take away rights
of a minority is the fact that major religions, especially the Mormon
Church, dedicated, and in some instances mandated, that their members
dedicate time and money to passing this discriminatory cause.

We'll march around Temple Square and the Church Office Building. Let's show them
that we are many, that we are powerful, and that we will not sit idle
as they force their religion into our lives and into national politics.

Please show up with your posters, flags and banners (and dress warmly!)
Will meet on State Street and North Temple. Bring your friends and your relatives. Pass this message along to EVERYONE you know who has any respect for the rights of other people. Let's show the Church that we've had enough of their political influence in our lives!

If you can make it (I can't) please go and hold your sign loud and proud for me. It's times like these when I hate that I am not independently wealthy and I have to work.

The SigningForSomething.org group did not organize this protest.

Yesterday, as some know, there was a scuffle and slight vandalism at the Temple in Los Angeles. Someone wrote "liars" and "Bigots" in red or pink lipstick on the temple fence. Please remember that we should stay respectful at all times, yet get the message across that we will not go away. I know I don't need to remind everyone, but at times the mob mentality takes over and people get a little too angry. We just need to remember that we are right, and they won't change their minds or opinions if we lash out in this manner.

Andrew Callahan had this to say:

I'm sure I speak for the entire Signing for Something Committee when I state categorically, that we do not support, endorse or encourage vandalism, violence, or destructive or measures to deliver political messages. We found specifically that delivering political messages with flowers, pink ribbons, and a song about love to be far more effective.

I agree. Let's remember that the church loves to feel persecuted, and vandalism or physical fighting will only make them feel like a victim.

Love you all!


  1. Aerin Says:

    I agree - I am also supportive of the right to peaceful protest - with no vandalism.

  1. Demand More Says:

    Oh man! I wish I could go. Doug is working late and I can't take the boys to that. Doug is all for me protesting but he isn't for me taking the boys. Maybe I can find a sitter. hmmm. My cousins are going and a few active members in my neighborhood that I craft with are going, they are pissed about this whole thing too.

    Why the hell did the church even pick this battle?


  1. Andee Says:

    I wish I could go too!

    I can't wait to watch the news to see how it went!