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So cold.

Hello friends (and those who love to hate me),

I have not decided to leave WindySydney, or forget about the blog. Promise. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been working on some new photos that I am quite proud of, and keeping myself busy working, working, and working (which is good, glad to have a job right now!).

I have decided to start a new project for my baking adventures. It will be a separate (sister) blog of WindySydney that people can go to without having to read my rants about leaving Mormonism behind. It will be more user-friendly to the baking crowd and make me seem less of an insane freak (hopefully).

Can anyone think of a good name for the baking blog?

Here are some of my thoughts...

What Andee's Eating
Delicious? or Disaster?

Can you come up with something creative? If you do, you will get a big huge cyber-hug from yours truly. I am officially stuck.

Also, I will be changing the layout of my blog (again). I still hate it. Will I ever be happy? Probably not until I get a custom one made, huh? Let me start putting money away for that riiiiiight now.

Love you all!


  1. Jessi Says:


    Andee's Dandy Candy? Tee hee.

    Tastetastic Glory. I still like that phrase.

    Man, I suck at name picking. That's why my blog name is Jessi iz a Tee Recks. =(

  1. Kelly Says:

    hmm here is my thought on the food about

    A new shot at concoctions

    (shot meaning you like to shoot photography)

    and I just love the word concoctions


    Anyway...sorry I havn't commented lately..I am still keeping up with your blog :) love it all!

  1. Andee Says:

    I like your suggestions, guys!

    When we get more (if we get more) I plan on making a poll so people can vote :D

    I am usually very creative, but I am lacking in that department today.

  1. Lisa Says:

    I reckon the name of yr last post is cool -" Mixed Results"

  1. Mrs.Duncan Says:

    You could call it, Sugar Andee. Ha get it, like sugar daddy. Cody likes Duncan doughnuts.