People Suck

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You know, I really need to win the lottery. I need to win the lottery, pay off my Mom's mortgage, buy myself a nice home, go back to school and live in peace. That would be fantastic. I would live in the middle of nowhere, and not bother a soul. Promise.

It's days like today that make me hate people.

I was assisting a gentleman with his purchase today and he actually snapped his fingers at me.

He. Snapped. His. Fingers.

I mean... are you kidding me? Who the Hell does this A-hole think he is??? I couldn't believe it.

I stood in shock for a full minute at least. The woman in line behind him had a look of absolute horror on her face, and I was really hoping she would chime in and tell the guy off for me. I certainly can't open my mouth... I would be fired, and who can afford to lose their job right now? No one.

What an arrogant, self-centered, Mormon jackass....

Yes, he was Mormon. Saw the recommend in his wallet as he pulled out his credit card.

God would be proud.

Feel bad for his wife... poor soul.