Oh, Yeah... They Are Being Picked On!

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I love how some Mormons claim that they are being unjustly "picked on" after proposition 8 passed in California. They don't think they did anything wrong. They look around innocently and shrug their shoulders and say, "Why are you looking at us??? The Catholics did it, too!!!"

Don't make me sick.

I just wanted to share this photo of a letter a woman received in California from the LDS Church. Please read it for yourself and ask yourselves if the Mormon Church is just being picked on...

Click on the letter for a link to a larger image!



  1. Seth R. Says:

    My biggest beef with the whole Prop 8 push was that it would serve as a distraction from the normal business of serving people in the LDS Church structure.

    Kind of like how abortion and the "war on Christmas" serve as a distraction from more serious societal problems at large.

    I was worried that my fellow Mormons would go on a Prop 8 "field trip," man some phone lines, hand out flyers, and then feel like they'd met their "righteousness quota" for the year - even if they were neglecting the real needs of people in their wards.

    I always feel like this when a dramatic flashy issue sweeps through the membership.